Friday, February 17, 2012

And just like that.....

she is fixing her own ponytail.

It literally happened overnight.

One day she is free roaming around the farm with tousled hair- except when we leave the farm. Then it's fixed.

The next day she stands in front of the mirror with brush in hand setting out to gather it up into a ponytail.

"Mama, I fixed my own hair today!" she exclaims with wide proud eyes coming out of the bathroom.

I only wished I could have seen her sweet hands hard at work tackling this.

How did my squishy baby turn into this precious ponytail fixing girl?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

This Valentine's Day was so many adjectives.

Sweet. Memorable. Fun. Weird. Disasterous.

How can one day be described by all of those words? Life is just interesting like that.

One minute you can be fully engaged in the sweetest of moments and the next minute can be in the midst complete chaos. Maybe that's not your life, but it is certainly mine. There are 6 lovely variables living in this house that can fill up a day with both wonder and havoc. And we have not even entered into the teenage years yet- bless our souls!

Valentine's Day started off with a heart-shaped breakfast. We had eggs and sausage in the shapes of hearts and strawberries with chocolate yogurt. In regards to the yogurt, my kids proclaimed it indeed still "tasted like yogurt." I think they were secretly hoping it would have turned magically into ooey gooey melted chocolate. But, alas, it was homemade yogurt mixed with sucanat and cocoa powder.

This girl melts when you look at her. She is bashfully sweet. This happens to be one of my most favorite things about her.

 We all received rain boots for our Valentine's gifts.

 What girl doesn't like roses from their daddy?

We meandered around the farm in our rain boots because it was conveniently raining so we got to try them out.

The girls received "Secret Heart Messages" from the Farmer and I. They had a blast uncovering the hidden messages.

This is sweet Laney Rae uncovering her message that said,"When you giggle, I giggle." It's true. Her laugh is contagious.

 After lunch we went across the driveway to our cousin's house for a popcorn dance party. We got dressed up and got crunk. Their honey and I showed them what was up to the tunes of "Ice Ice Baby" and "You can't touch this." We laughed our heads off and left breathing hard- like a good dance party should do.

Here is the white chocolate popcorn buffet. Delish!

Crazy cousins! 

The toddler two!

Laney Rae cracking up at her cousin, Ashton.

The Farmer had deliveries on Valentine's Day so it was up to the girls and I to create our own memories for our Valentine's Day supper. Originally I was going to take the girls to the airport diner just down the road from us. I was bound and determined to see an elderly couple sitting on the same side of a booth sipping on a milkshake and discussing what track to play next on the jute box. This diner is precious and they wear real poodle skirts and some of them even skate.

It was a good thought while it lasted, but our bubbles got popped. The diner was closed.

Note to self: this is not a big city. It's a town. There is a difference and businesses can choose to be open whenever they dang well please. Call ahead of time always.

We ended up at our local favorite mexican food place. Let's just say homegirl right here had lost her ever loving mind bringing four girls to a restaurant by herself on Valentine's Day. We left with bumps, scratches, and a bite mark on the hand of my baby girl from a roaming toddler (not my toddler, mind you). Our meal was filled with screaming and tears. After an awkward moment with the owners, we left and I got to the car and exhaled a big sigh. This was not a good end to our day.

Good thing we had plenty of other sweet moments to look back upon and be thankful for this day that is meant to honor those in your life that you love.

However the lovely or mishmash my day turns out to be, there is not any other five people on this earth that I wouldn't want to be in every part of these moments.

God's word does not say that love is E A S Y. I'd venture to say that love (real love) is downright hard sometimes.

His word says that L O V E is....

doesn't envy
doesn't boast
isn't proud
doesn't dishonor
isn't self-seeking
isn't easily angered
doesn't keep records of wrongs
delights in truth
always protects
always trusts
always hopes
always perseveres
and N E V E R   F A I L S!  

1 Corinthians 13:4-8