About Us

Hello! Welcome to our little neck of the interwebz.

Let's keep this intro short, sweet, and simple.

We are followers of Jesus.

I'm married to an incredible man and have been for 11 years. I adore him to the ends of the earth. He is my best friend and he rocks Wranglers.

We live on a farm and farm for our living. It's not entirely the simple life, but it's precious to us. We've been farming for 5 years. Our farm raises pasture-raised meats (beef, pork, chicken) and eggs. We try and do things sustainably and in the most natural environment possible- which would mean allowing our livestock to be outside and on grass.

We have 4 amazing little girls (insert 'Bless his heart."). It takes a real man's man to live in a house full of 5 ladies. And they haven't even hit adolescents yet!

We homeschool. I fought the Lord tooth and nail over this one. He won. I surrendered. I'm still trying to figure out what it's all about. I love it most days. And it's super hard most days with 4 girls under the age of 7. But, it suits us just fine.

I'm an aspiring hippy. I want to be one when I grow up. I love the natural things in life. I guess you can't be a hippy without being a "foodie" so add that to the list. We love food. The real kind; that has butter in it from a real cow living on real grass being milked by a real farmer.

This blog is a celebration of what I love most about the life I live.

My favorite quote and something I try to live by is:::

"Wherever you are, be all there." - Missionary, Jim Elliot

It's very nice to meet you! 

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