Saturday, January 22, 2011

nEsTiNg::::: the big girls' room

With the arrival of our 4th girl in just 9 days, you better believe I've been nesting like crazy.

Living on a farm, I realize that nesting is just a normal part of life for humans and animals alike.

Something happens when a woman is expecting a baby- whether in the womb or through adoption.

We fluff our nests, clean like crazy, re-organize, craft, paint, and find ourselves tackling projects we've put off for months all because a little one is about to grace us with their presence.

One of many projects we've tackled is converting Kaylyn's room into a room for her and Laney Rae to share. They were sharing her full bed, but let's just say that one of these girls sleeps a little on the crazy side (bet you can't guess which one) so two twin beds were in order.

My sister found the perfect twin beds at a gigantic antique sale for a bargain. We painted them a watermelon pink to match all of the pillows and linens that my friend and designer, Holly, had given us for Kaylyn's original room.

The other two pieces of furniture that are new in the room, is the great pink shelf my friend, Robyn, purchased at a garage sale and the white double locker I picked up at Warrenton this past year.

And let me just mention the monkey on Laney Rae's bed. My friend, Kirby, made that for Laney Rae along with 7 other kiddos in our homeschool group. It has become a favorite of Laney Rae's and she sleeps with it every night. I'm so thankful that it happens to be adorable and sentimental.

Do I have some great friends and family or what? I love that there are so many things in this room that were given to us or found for a great price with this room in mind.

**side note: You should go check out each of the lady's blogs mentioned above. They don't disappoint when it comes to "all things cute". Promise.

The prints above their bed are from Sarah & Abraham that used to be in the schoolroom.

I've gabbed long enough.

Here are photos of the finished product of the girls room that they now share.

More nesting projects to follow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A snapshot of my day

The girls and I loaded up in the "farm buggy" and drove around for a bit today.

As we were driving around, I was taken aback by the glitter, cheetah print, and PINK!

I snapped this photo to remember this season of life.

Little girlie feet out and about on an adventure. Oh how I love those little feet!

And this photo serves as a reminder to never ever ask my girls to say "CHEESE" to capture a photo. It just doesn't work in these parts.

Monday, January 3, 2011

When a pig gets a bath.....

Ruthie has a stuffed pig that she is VERY fond of.

Actually, it's not just a stuffed pig. It's an "Aurora Lolly Gagz" pig to be exact per a phone conversation with the manufacturer of this pig.

This desperate momma phoned the company last week only to find out that they quit making this pig in 2009. Bummer- in a major way. The last purchase of this pig was by "Tuesday Morning".

Consider this a plea if you will.

If you see this pig, please buy one. Or better yet. Buy two. I will pay you back and pay the shipping.

This pig goes everywhere with her. When it's out of her sight, her radar goes off. She knows. He/she has no name other than "pig". It's easy for her to say.

She always insists that I give her pig a kiss goodnight too. There are times when I cringe and hold my breath in order to grant her request.

Sometimes, her pink pig turns into a brown-ish pig.

I think (actually pretty sure) I traumatized Ruthie today when her beloved pig got a bath today. After searching for near an hour, she found her pig like this.......

I decided to air dry the pig and let mother nature's sunshine do its disinfecting magic. But, little Miss Ruthie discovered that her beloved pig was literally being "hung out to dry" and she was not a happy girl.

As a matter of fact, this is as tame as it got......for almost an hour. She never left the porch.

So, as you can see. I'm desperate and dreading the day that our beloved pig is no more or lost or decapitated. I tremble at the thought. Our whole family shudders even thinking about this. We are all conditioned to perform a "pig check" when we get in our vehicle to go any place.

Who would have known that we should have scurried down to the local hospital gift shop and purchased everyone of these pigs because she would love it so?

Consider this alerting the masses....