Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy (belated) Birthday Exie Jo!

This is your mama's belated attempt to honor your sweet day. It was documented with photos, but not so much with words. Here are those words.

Sweet love. You turned one. It came and it went.

I didn't even think it was possible that my little one would be O N E!

I kept telling you that you officially couldn't be one until you weighed at least 20 lbs so we still have a few pounds to go.

Your nicknames are so fitting.

We call you "T9C" as in tee-nine-cee. Tiny.

"Lil' Britches Missy".

"Jo Jo" to match all of your other sister's nicknames.

One thing is for sure. You are adored in this house. The minute you make an appearance, you are swarmed by everyone that lives here.

We dote.
We sigh.
We "oooh".
And we "aww".
I guess with 3 other females in this house it just comes natural.

And your daddy the farmer, well you have him wrapped around your T9C finger.

You already have such a funny little personality. I can see your little "quirks" already like your wrinkle faced laugh. You pretty much live under my feet, in my lap, or in a sling. There isn't a thing that you won't eat. I just keep wondering where you are putting all of that food.

You are still crawling army-style. And walking is over-rated in your books. Who needs to walk when you have sisters and a mama who will carry or cart you everywhere? You are a real live baby doll.

More than anything, you are just sweet!

Exie Jo,

I pray that the Lord instills a craving and a passion within you that burns for Him alone (Psalm 63:8). I pray that you grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus as you grow older. I pray that faith will take root in your heart and grow and flourish. I pray that you are used to love others and that you act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before man bringing glory to Jesus.

We love you "T9C"! This past year has been joyful with you in our lives.