Friday, August 17, 2007

Name that egg

I realize that I probably should receive a big fat 'F' in blogging. I have been the worlds worst at updating this thing.

My computer crashed last week and I think I've just been plain ole' scared of my computer ever since.

So, for those of you who actually still visit this pathetic excuse for a blog, I promise that I will get over my fear of my computer eventually. We have lots going on out here on the farm and my husband is too OCD to have our blog stuck on July 30. We love those Mosiers, but it is time to move on.

Which brings me to this.

This is our very first egg, among a few others, that we are hatching. If you look closely, you can see this little chicks wing. This technique is called 'candeling'. We use this to see if the eggs that are sitting in the incubator are fertile since not all eggs are fertile. BTW....I did not know this prior to becoming a farm girl. All eggs have yolks, but not all eggs that are layed were fertilized by a rooster. Some are and some aren't. But, the ones that are fertilized are actually better for you to eat (still in yolk form of course!!!).

We could actually see the chick moving around inside the egg. It was super cool!

It has been sitting in an incubator on the kitchen countertop. We keep the temperature at 101.5 degrees F. The eggs stay in the incubator for roughly 21 days and day 21 is in a few days.

So, we need you to come up with a name for our very first Yonder Way chick. The winner will receive free e-mail updates of the status and wherabouts of their namesake. I promise to make them interesting and fun. It might even be a rooster! How cool would that be? Sorry, 'Mac Daddy' is already taken.

I know that we have some pretty creative people that read this blog.....hopefully, they still do! So, I'm trusting you to NAME THIS EGG!


Hendrick Family said...


I'm always a sucker for a contest.

I pick...


According to Wikipedia, he's the one that first asked the question...

What came first...the chicken or the egg.

Or hippy chic.

Just because I like that song.

Or skillet

Or Brain on Drugs.

Love you guys!

Jessica Bolding said...

I have two name proposals...

1. Plutarch - He was the first person to write about the "what came first, the chicken or the egg" dilemma. You can find reference to him on Wikipedia:

2. Ducky - I'm a HUGE fan of naming animals after the names of other animals. I think it's hilarious. If I ever get to live on a farm like ya'll, I will name every animal we have after other animals. The horse will be called "Dog". The cow will be called "Pig". Etc. And when I start running out of basic names I will go to more exotic animal names like "Zebra" and "Giraffe".

Hendrick Family said...


I looked on Wikipedia and found Aristotle.

How can this be?

I guess the real question is...

Who came first...Aristotle or Plutarch?

I love the name Plutarch.

I can't stop saying it.

So I hope it's him.

Let's just call the thing hip instead of hippy chic.


Like in the part of the song that goes...yo hip, hip, hip...

I can't get that out of my head.


BHG & Co. said...

Let's see... I need to be in bed, but since I am the world's worst at name contests (see Ashley's blog) I had to throw some out there.

Clucky (Ducky inspired me)

Mel (there was a claymation movie where Mel Gibson provided the voice of the Rooster, plus Mel's Diner back in the day probably served breakfast)

Shelly... or No-Shell (as the case will be)... which I guess you could shorten to NaShell or something


Humpty (or Dumpty)

Clipper (??? - too long to explain how that got it my head, but now I have a "clipper song in my head that sounds like the song from the old 'Flipper' tv show)

Skipper (now I'm ryhming - this is a cry for help), Champ, Chief, Akyroyd (or Akyie - honoring the Egg-head skits from SNL), Yolk, Yolkers, Yokie, Scampers (derived from "Scrambled"),... okay that's it.

One more... if it's a rooster you could name him Centurion (Centy, Tury, Maximus, the Spainard) because that red thing on their heads is kinda like the thing on a Roman helmet. So, maybe something from Gladiator (Crowe - to go with Jessica's other animal thing, or Russel, or Max)

That's it... I'm really out now. G'night.


The Kramer Family said...

These are really great!

We are still not 100% sure that this egg will even hatch. Which makes me get a little teary thinking that it might not be able to bust through the shell. Can you imagine how that would feel being trapped in an egg?

Supposedly we were supposed to do some humidity change and also not rotate them 3 days before they hatch. Opps!

Oh well. We will just have to wait and see. The other option for this egg was to end up in Jason's daily scrambled eggs.

Brandon said...

you have to know that I'm a huge fan of reading about farm life on your blog. It's incredibly interesting.

So...keep farming.

shauna maness said...

So, i giggled as i read the name the egg suggestions... they are great!

thought to myself "what would i name my first chick"

nada, zap, zilch, zero... nothing... not so creative all the time...

wash my face for bed still thinking about Aristotle and Plutarch (i really wonder who was first... folks were smart way back when)

then i started thinkng about greek words...

it came to me... after Legos...


so you can say evey morning... (get ready for the cheese factore here, it is really off the charts)


i know... brilliant... i won't be offended if it isn't chosen... but i we ever have hens (brandon LOVES some "yard bird" ) the first will be named leggo.

much love and luck to you...

theBirkenfelds said...

Kramers, you have no idea who my wife and I are but I just wanted to log-in my thoughts on a name. (We attend LH and recently got to know Aaron and Heather so that's how we got to your blog).

I grew up on a farm myself--although we never raised chicks--so believe me that these are bonafide agrinames. :)


Stan would be one heck of a rooster.

Mostly, I just wanted to comment so that we could get to know you and your super cute kids. Also, you take fabulous pictures (the Hendricks, I mean wow!) so we'll be calling when Megs and I produce a chick of our own.

P.S. If these names are falling on a hatchless egg, you have my deepest condolences.

Melissa said...

What about Yolko Ono?

(Sorry. I was listening to Barenaked Ladies as I read this).

Anonymous said...

How about Megg or Shelly benedict Yoko eggburt