Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chicks, Improvements, & Goats

To all of you faithful readers who entered a name in the 'Name that chick' contest, thanks! I appreciate all 6 of you.

BTW, Yonder Way comments are dwindling before our very eyes. What's up wit dat yo?

I would like to inform you that ALL 6 of you have won and we are using your names to name the 13 of the chicks that hatched. We were hopeful that just one would hatch, but 13! Are we farmers or what???

Here are the names that we have selected to be the first 13 baby chicks.

Aristotle- really who came first here?
Humpty Dumpty
Yolko Ono- for our more eclectic readers
Stan- when we determine which one is a rooster, this rocks as a roosters name 'Stan the Man'
Indeed (Because even though Brandon didn't post a name, he still posted a comment.)
NaShell- how funny is this?
Princess (this ones KK's)

I'm sorry. There are no portraits to follow of the individual chicks with their cute little names below. So, this will have to do.

The chicks

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Jason also made improvements to the previous beach house chicken coop and re-invented the chicken coop as we at Yonder Way know it. Its pure genius if you ask me and much more farm-esque complete with tin siding and wheels. We have 60 chickens here on the farm. The new ones needed somewhere to go.

This coop is much easier for Jason to transport around the farm and also much easier for us to get the eggs due to the lower and light weight door on the back. Aunt Debbie and I appreciate this feature very much.

We've also learned that chickens don't really need the cute little metal chicken coop boxes to lay eggs in. Sad, I know.

So Jason built little wooden squares and put hay in them for them to lay in. And they work like a champ. We had some lay in them yesterday.

We also have 4 cute little goats running around the chicken pen. Jason adopted the natural way of mowing by putting the goats in the pen to eat down the grass. Brilliant. Less mowing, less gas being used, fun little goats for our children to play with.

Billy, Nanny, Lucy, & Ethel

Our goats are full grown Pygmy (pronounced pig-me) goats. They are adorable and have such cute personalities. I think that more people should have these as their pets. It might not be so great on the landscaping, but you get cute little goats to adore!

I think that is all of the news for now.


D.O. said...

Indeed... that's a nice name. Even for a human baby.

Williams Family said...

Hey Lynsey,
What is up with people not commenting. My last post had one person comment. What is up with that? Lets see if my new post from today gets more. The chicks and goats are cute. And KK looks so cute in her lady bug boots. Y'all are GREAT farmers!! Hope we can come out to the farm soon.


Hendrick Family said...

I love the farm and lady bug boots and my brother being such a great dad...life is sweet.

Anonymous said...

great job lynsey lou...hope she can where the bug boots for a little while...got another pair of boots for her at sam's today...it's a surprise of what kind...ready to see all those pretty grass fed cows now...where's the beed...love grandma

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Thank you so much.

I though those were Jason's boots.... come on ... what's the truth? KK or Jason's?

Jason's Dad

BHG & Co. said...

you know what's funny?

No not that.... something else....

nevermind, I'll tell you.

I've been wondering about the name suggestion thing, and when it finally got here I had to look back to see which names I had listed! I had no idea.

In fact, my initial response was going to be, "They didn't use any of my chicken/rooster names, but a pygmy goat is named after me? What's up with that?!"

Anyway... glad the chicks are here. Goats are cool. You're KK is getting so big! And you're husband is so 'Green Acres'! I'm kinda envious of his mad building/ingenuity skills. Pass that on to him.

Talk to you later.

Garratts said...

Maybe we could use one of the chicken names for our childs name.


The Kramer Family said...

Ash! That is so funny. I can totally see Mike going for Plutarch Garratt can't you? Or even Stan the Man Garratt.

I will let you have any of the names you like if it will help you name Baby Boy Garratt!

Judy said...

Ok...seriously you have the cutest blog. I love reading about the farming life!! :)
Love you girlie,

BHG & Co. said...

YEAH!! Plutarch Aristotle Garratt.

sounds like a winner.

Anonymous said...

Jason, remember how sweet our goat was. I do believe her name was Daisy and she had the cutest collar-my idea that came to no good end (whole nuther show). Poor Jason was the one who had to go around saying, "Bring out your dead".

Anyway, the goat loved to eat my plants, wade in the swimming pool (actually swam when the boys would throw her in the deep end behind my back). My favorite thing she did was click her heels when she was really happy which seemed to coincide with her demolishing my blue plumbago. I always want to say lumbago but I think that's an old lady's complaint so we shall stick with the blue plumbago.

BTW, Humpty Dumpty did not fall, he was pushed. Felt I needed to bring this conspiracy theory to rest once and for all. I would write more but I need to finish the book I'm reading, "Catcher in the Rye Ruben Sandwich".

You are all much loved and appreciated on so many levels. On my planet, you're the Big Stars!


Anonymous said...

KK has Meeme' legs, nananana-booboo! Oh, and the boots are cute too.

Guess who!

Jessica B. said...

Yeah for chicks! I love the fantastic mix of names. I can't believe there are 13 of them!!

I know what you mean about the lack of commenting...my blog has been severely lacking too. People must be reading cause the vistor count is going up and up, but nobody leaves any messages. It is very sad.

I love reading about your farm life! Keep up the great posts and beautiful pictures!!!

shauna maness said...

AWESOME!! i lvoe the new header!!

Williams Family said...

I second what Shauna said. I love the new header! Do you get my e-mail?


The Kramer Family said...

Thanks for the comments on new header. I'm glad that you like it!

I'm working on getting some YWF T-Shirts made for everyone to sport. I thought that would be really groovy.


Williams Family said...

I'll take one.

Jennifer Bacak said...

You and your so cute slideshows!!!! I love them. Especially that pic of Jason and KK! My Word, y'all are cute.
Love you!

Sarah Shalley said...

I need a logo - wanna make me one?! I LOVE the one on your photog blog. I have to ask you a few flash questions! When I get a chance. MISS YOU!

Connie said...

Jason.....you've done good! Beautiful wife....beautiful kids...neat-o farm.

Lynsey---I left you a comment on my blog too but of course I had to come check out your blog.

My daughter would leave us in a heart-beat to live with the Kramers on Yonder Way Farm.

I'll have to let Levi read about your cow and chicken raising.

He goes on a rant every time I bring home chicken and milk from the store....we are all going to die and he is going to grow boobies.

He forces people to read Fast Food Nation and watch Supersize Me all the time.

Fun stuff....keep up the good kid, cow, chicken, and goat-kid raising!

Claire Borne said...

I'm so very happy that we are real friends now instead of just blogger friends! Your new life on the farm seems so much fun--we once had chicks at the 6 chicks house (Lello and Aunt Jamima). I personally like Yolko Ono--I think that Yoko Ono has the funniest name!

Justin Hyde said...

My family and I recently moved to Chappell Hill and we are currently in the process of developing a small hobby farm. I would love to get the specs for the new chicken coop (the one with medal siding). Thanks so much. Blessings to your family.