Thursday, April 2, 2009

So cute....I had to share!

I hit the streets of Warrenton and Round Top with dear friends and my hubby this past week- TWICE. I'm overwhelmed with creativity and all of the the things I've seen this week.

Our carpet is being installed this very moment! I'm one happy gal.

The last and remaining step for the house is the decorating process. My sweet friend, Holly, is coming over to help with this fun process! I can't wait.

There are lots of other things in store for this week as well that involve finishing touches.......

- finish landscaping the new flower beds that were put in.

- finish putting in our veggie garden and get the plants in the ground.

- finish container plants around the farm store.......that is almost complete!

In the meantime, I had to share this creative project with you guys! I love this blog. Its called "Out of the Crayon Box". Its creatively wonderful and filled with great ideas. They had pictures of this gem on their blog yesterday. ordinary piece of old furniture.

After, a precious play kitchen! I love this!


mandi said...

ok-that's the best repurposing into a play kitchen that i've seen! i've been looking for some piece of furniture to do something like this...but this one is pretty great!

Jane said...

Thanks for the shout out! I had a great time making this kitchen. I just saw another end table on the curb today, but I have to give my dh a break with the living room construction! Just a little break.

L.D. said...

Amazing! What a great idea and job ... who'd of thunk it? Drove down "your road" returning from Round Top and SAW YOUR SIGN ... Finally! Hope all is going well - enjoy your writing. Hope to see you all soon. Linda

Melanie said...

Great job! That is so cute!! I bet your girls love it.

Blessings to you in your last month of pregnancy. I pray you and baby are healthy.

Also...loved your farm when we were out there in March for Spring Break. My kids loved seeing the pigs and chickens. My daughter was fascinated to see where eggs come from. LOL!! She knew but had never seen it.

Thank you for allowing strangers on your farm.