Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Liquid Sunshine

I know the health posts on this blog are few and far between around here. Or really any posts for that matter. We have lots going on these days.

Honestly, I’m sort of “over” the internet right now and over blogging. I want to push through this phase because I know what is written here on this blog helps document our family’s life and has also been (hopefully) used for good.

After I heard feedback and stories from women who tried the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) and saw amazing results, I was encouraged. The stories are still coming in.

Who knew something as simple as slathering your face with a bunch of oil that smells good could be so beneficial to our skin?

I love hearing stories of natural methods helping people and taking the things the Lord created to bring healing.

Enter Chlorophyll.

We had a customer out to the farm a few weeks ago who has struggled with severe anemia. And to top it all off, she is a mom of 8 kids. Not a good combination. I think anyone would need a nap after feeding that many kiddos.

She did some research and talked to her natural doctor. Her findings and doctor’s recommendation led her to try Chlorophyll.

She noticed an increase in energy very quickly and overall felt much better. I didn’t get into great detail with her, but as with most things I wanted to look more into this.

Energy??? I could use a little bit of energy myself. I’m all about that.

I happened to have some on-hand- I used it to treat an illness that Jason had came down with a while back (colitis). But, I had never thought about taking it for myself.

The things I read about Chlorophyll made me want to try it for myself. In my research, I’ve learned that this is an all around good supplement.

Here is a quote from this site:

“Chlorophyll is miraculous. It has SO MANY health benefits it makes it a true wonder-food. However, the most marvelous and amazing benefit it gives comes from the fact that its molecular structure is absolutely identical to hemoglobin except for the center atom. In hemoglobin this is iron, whereas in chlorophyll it is magnesium. This means that when ingested, chlorophyll actually helps to do the job of hemoglobin (hemoglobin is so vital to the health of our blood – in fact, blood is approx 75% hemoglobin). It helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing almost instantly.”

Here are some other claims that come with using Chlorophyll as a supplement:

  • Help cleanse your blood
  • Aids in digestion
  • Increases oxygen in your body
  • Removes heavy metals from your body
  • Helps balance your pH levels
  • Detoxifies your liver
  • Anti Carcinogenic

As with anything, I encourage you to do some research before you decide to take this supplement.

I will most definitely continue to make this a regular part of my diet. I use the liquid form of Chlorophyll. Within a few days, I noticed an amazing increase in energy. So much so, that when I "thought" I wanted to take a nap, I could fall asleep. I've struggled in the past with digestive issues and this seems to be helping things move in the right direction also. Overall, I feel better.

I would recommend drinking this in the morning. I've heard from a few others that this has been known to keep them awake at night- which the hubbies might seem to like. Just sayin'.

There are a variety of Chlorophyll brands out there. I chose THIS one solely based on taste. The reviews all said that it was the best tasting one. A lot of the brands claim to be "tasteless". I refer to this as my "cup of fresh". It is indeed refreshing for sure!

You can also receive chlorophyll from eating RAW veggies including parsley, broccoli, brussell sprouts, and Spinach among a whole host of green vegetables.

From my understanding, Chlorella is referring to chlorophyll found in algae. Chlorophyll is simply the green pigment found in both plants and algae. So Chlorella is a specific type of chlorophyll; algae-based. Both are extremely beneficial to our health. I have found Chlorella to be very expensive and so I chose to use a liquid form of Chlorophyll instead.

You can view some articles on HERE pertaining to chlorophyll.

HERE is another article on The World's Healthiest Foods website.

Disclaimer::::: I am not a doctor. The things I speak about on this blog regarding health are things that I have personally benefited from using. This information is supposed to be used to inspire and motivate. And should not be taken as medical advice. The methods discussed here have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Cottage Dreamers said...

I've used 2T. daily of liquid chlorophyl during my five pregnancies and it really made a difference. With my last three deliveries I also drank about 16 to 20 ounces within a hour of the birth (2/3 chlorophyl, 1/3 sprite) and had zero dizziness (from blood loss...tmi, I know...sorry) and a bunch of other benefits like energy for days! I should take it now too, but for some reason, everything good for me goes out the window after the babies are born.
I haven't been blogging so much lately either. Maybe it's the warm weather that gets our minds on other things. I hope you don't give it up altogether though, I sure love reading your blog!
☺ Celeste

Megan said...

Really interesting! Energy is a big problem for me even though I feel I eat a good amount of energy-rich foods. I'm happy to see that it isn't very expensive either, making it more tempting to try. Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

H. Kids said...

You have literally cleared the concept of chlorophyll. And I come to know about many supplements.

mandi said...

I know what you mean- about feeling uninspired to blog. me too...

I can vouch for the fact that the Chlorofresh is tastier than the chlorella. That was way to hard for me to get down.

Nico said...

Ill hope you will continuing posting your experiences on this blog, I visit your page from time to time. And it always makes me happy to read those great informative stories.

Rebecca said...

Just wanted to thank you for this. I had never heard of this before reading your post, but I'm always tired, so decided to try it. I started taking it last week, and 4 or 5 days in I felt a huge difference. I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you for sharing.

Landreneau Family said...

Hey Lynsey,

I asked Heather a few weeks ago (after the deodorant post) if you had any suggestions for other products...make up, shampoo, etc. I'd love your thoughts!


Plain and Joyful Living said...

Thank you for sharing. I sure could use a boost right now.

Gwynie Pie said...

Hey there. Life has been crazy at my house for several months as I went to work (after 20 years of staying home) and have been worn out, stretched thin.

So glad I decided to visit you today. I had a little time and was trying to "catch up" with my blog friends. Anyway, I will be locating some chlorphyl tomorrow !!

Thanks for the info. Hope you and yours are happy and well.

Gwyn Rosser
The Pink Tractor

Jolly said...

Any luck finding cheap chlorella? I'm on the hunt as well and so far I leaning towards this chlorella brand.