Thursday, February 24, 2011

When the baby becomes a big sister.....

Where do I even begin? Life has been a wonderfully sweet roller coaster that hasn't stopped since our new little girl, Exie Jo, has made her presence known in our family.

She was and still remains a wonderful little infant.

Today, Ruthie brought me to Exie Jo in her swing in the living room. I found her just like this.

Her outfit was unsnapped and her diaper was halfway off.

Ruthie proceeds to tell me,"Poop momma." So I bent down to take a whiff and sure enough, there was a filled diaper.

Whoever claims that breastfed babies don't have stinky diapers are not telling the complete truth. I can smell them and so can the other 3 mini-mommas that live in this house.

Ruthie left the room and came back with her cotton ball, alcohol, wipes, and a diaper. She was determined that she was going to change Exie's diaper.

But, I'm not quite ready for that just yet. So, Ruthie settled on changing her pig's pants.

And then I managed to steal a photo of Ruthie's new favorite face to make. How funny! She is one very animated little girl.

And this is one to grow on.


Sarah said...

I stumbled across your blog from the farmers. Wow! Four girls! We have two girls. You guys are an inspiration. Congratulations on your newest addition.

Rachel said...

That is so sweet! What precious memories for your babies.

HShornet said...

Yes it's true they do stink. The statement should be compared to completely formula feed baby poo breastfed baby poo hardly stinks:)
Cute blog and darling girls.

Julia Channing said...

So cute! I can't believe how big Ruthie has gotten...she is the perfect mix between you and Jason...definitely has your eyes!

Anonymous said...

oh how precious our ruthie claire is...she has adjusted so well going from the "baby" to the "big" sister..what a blessing she is to us mom(grandma)

mandi said...

Oh Lyns. This post is so sweet. You know how Ruthie has been on my heart and in my prayers. Just for a smooth transition. I am so blessed by this picture.

Anonymous said...

got a beautiful bunch of girls!!
love uncle T

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!



Jennifer and Shawna said...
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Heidi said...

I haven't stopped by your blog in forever, but I'm so glad I did today! Congratulations on your sweet new baby girl. We had a baby girl (after 3 BOYS) this past October and I'm soaking her up. I love seeing all the girly-ness here. I LOVED the bedroom pictures you shared. AND... we are doing Classical Conversations this year, too. :) (Oh, and I can definitely smell the diapers around here, too. :)) Thanks for not giving up on your blog!

ARUN said...

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