Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tye Die Tees with Sharpies

Does the sound of that title scare you?

Don't let it. I promise. You will not find a complicated craft around these parts.

I can appreciate a good craft with the best of them. I'm just not a fan of crafts that are tedious or drawn out for hours or (even worse) days.

I'm all about quick results. And so are my girls. We like instant gratification when it comes to making stuff.

If it requires more more than a few basic instructions AND complicated supplies, it gets nixed rather quickly (there goes about 95% of my craft options, right??).

My other criteria for a good craft is that it usually has to be something the girls can do with me. My girls are craft leaches. If they even think their mama is up to making something, they won't let me out of their sight. I love embrace this in them. "If you can't beat them, join them."

Now, I will say that since this craft had Sharpies involved, we waited until the littles were napping. The very word "Sharpie" evokes such fear and trembling in my 2 year old. We've had a few casualties with our little "destroyer of leather furniture". If she even so much as sees a stray Sharpie on the ground (we have a very specific home for them in this house), she will run it immediately to me as if she is holding a knife. It very much is a forbidden weapon to her. And she has "killed" many things with Sharpies.

This craft was inspired by this post on the blog "The Art Girl Jackie".

It was so simple and we had a blast doing it!

Have you every wondered what to do with a basic stained white tee?? They would be so great to re-purpose for this craft.

Laney Rae getting her craft on. 

Kaylyn getting her craft on.


I found some of our ugly white shirts that had seen better days.
A boatload of Sharpies
Rubbing Alcohol
Plastic Cup
(The link above shows a bedazzled embellishment of some sort...we went for simple. That's our thing. But, by all means bedazzle if you want to.)

I'm not going to copy the exact instructions here since I pretty much did exactly what Mrs. Jackie did. So head on over there for specific instructions.

They took us all but 30 minutes to make. And it was really neat watching the colors transform.

By the end of it all, I was glad that we did this craft. That doesn't happen very often. All I can say is
S I M P L E and cute!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun project!


mandi said...

Ok- I saw this on Design Mom and the one thing I wondered was if it stinks like Sharpie? One time Dylin drew a scene on a t-shirt and it really stunk! Like Sharpie. Like I made her change. What is your experience?

Debi Stoll said...


Thanks so much for this! I was getting ready to throw out one of my favorite white t-shirts because of a coffee stain. I LOVE TIE DYE!

Kendra said...

CUTE! Taylor Joy just asked if we could do that too. Looks like fun!

Sandy Eplett said...

Lynsey, I found your blog through your website by way of Mary Jane's Magazine. Looks like you haven't been here in awhile. I get that….my blog is a work in progress…so busy living it's hard to get it down on paper much less on my blog with cute pics!

Anyhow, this post spoke to me, as did the one with the nativity, as we are kindred souls. I,too, have little patience for tedious stuff…I'm a go big or go home kinda gal and don't really like to weed through a lot of tedium….BUT my farmer on the other hand…just like yours!

We are a homeschooling family of 7 with a God size dream to have a vocational training facility + equine camps + educational farm.

It was inspirational to read through the article in MJ. My husband grew up farming…me? Not so much. I grew up in a gym…a gymnast…in the city.

BUT…I LOVE all things farming and have spent the last 20 years on our humble hobby farm eking out a small home farming lifestyle for and with my family.

We are headed to the southern hills of TN soon…selling our place in the North so that we can begin this God sized dream of ours.

Thanks for being an inspiration to those coming after you.

Living by Design and Connecting Passion to Purpose,


Unknown said...

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