Thursday, October 4, 2007

Chickens Don't Smile

I don't know if you knew this about Kaylyn, but she has the BIGGEST imagination. She is always pretending something. On a normal day in the Kramer home, she assigns us characters for the day. And we have to refer to each other as these characters until she either forgets or decides she wants to be something else.

Her most popular characters of choice are:

Reese and Mrs. Ashley (she is Reese, I'm Ms. Ashley)
Dawn and Mrs. Melodi
Hayden and Honey
Wendy and Peter Pan
Lady Girl and Checker (this last one is referring to a customer and a checker outer at the store...ha!)

I love her mind. Sometimes I have to pray really really hard that I can just understand where her mind goes throughout the day.

The other day I was in the kitchen washing dishes. I kept hearing Kaylyn cluck like a chicken. It went on for a little while before I went to visit the blonde little hen.

I went into the bathroom and found this.

She was sitting in our laundry basket clucking away and waving her.

I asked her what she was doing and she said,"Sorry mom, chickens don't talk."

"Oh, you are a chicken. Do you have some eggs under there that you are sitting on?" I said.

The little blonde chicken proceeded to nod her head because apparently chickens CAN nod. They just can't talk. I asked her if she could get out of the nest for just a second so I could take pictures of her first batch of eggs.

So, she showed me this.

Hair bows! I started clapping and laughing as any enthusiastic mother would. I thought she would pretend she had invisible eggs, but she actually had 'eggs'. What good would it be to pretend you were a chicken without pretend eggs?

Then, I asked her if she could smile and take a picture and she informs me,"Mommy, chickens don't smile."

So, she did this!

I love her little imagination. You just never know what kind of an adventure you will find yourself on!


Hendrick Family said...

Ha! I love that kind of brain!!

Hairbows. It's wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I love this little girl! She is by far one of my favorite people to be around. Yeah..when we were at y'alls place the other day I had to pretend to be checker and she was lady girl. It was fantastic. There is never a dull moment!
Kayla ( Tia)

Connie said...

And this is why, Lynsey, you should NEVER EVER buy another toy. Of all that she probably has to play with....laundry basket and bows, mixed with some good old imagination, trumps all. Love it.

Ryan Price said...

So... since you guys won't give me a whole cow to live on... how much are those hairbows running? Are they organic as well?

Fry 'em up and eat 'em with some bacon!

Hope all is going well with you guys!

Garratts said...

We are flattered that she pretends to be us. But the chicken and hairbows is far more interesting than Mrs. Ashley and Reese.

We love you KK!

The Kramer Family said...

Wow Ryan! I feel honored that you are reading our blog in Malawi. We need to be eatin' some Yonder Way cow! Ha!

Anonymous said...

You just have to love that lil Chicken Girl. She is toooooooo sweet!

We need to come get some more eggs :-)


shauna maness said...

ok, i always laugh out loud at your blogs! i would LOVE to be a fly on the wall... kk is so big and beautiful! that creativity is from jesus!! i LOVE IT!

i echo your sentiments about blogs...i'm gonna so subscribe to my favs...

i love that idea! and i would do cartwheels too, if i could... love you darling.