Sunday, October 28, 2007

Home Stretch

We are on the home stretch in the remodeling process.

This week they made great strides in getting the exterior completely finished, painted, and a new deck on the side of the house. The outside looks brand new. I had no idea that a new coat of paint with different colors and some things here and there would make it look this good.

On the interior, the kitchen and bathrooms received cabinets! Woooohoooo! Now you can really see things taking shape.

We went with shaker style cabinets in the kitchen to achieve the farmhouse feel. There is also an island in the kitchen (black thing in the center). We are painting the cabinets white so that is why these are unfinished.

In the bathrooms, we went with a thicker shaker-type cabinet. Ours has a laundry hamper at the bottom of it which I'm very excited about.

The girl's cabinets has some apothocary drawers in the upper cabinet to organize bows and hair dillies. You can never have too much storage in a girl's bathroom. The drawers under the sinks slide out and are step stools which will make my life much easier! When the girls no longer need stools, they flip around and will serve as regular drawers.

We are thrilled with how the cabinets turned out!

The side of the house has a new deck that will get lots of use. The slab that is just in front of the deck will be painted with hop scotches, four square, and roads, and have a picket fence around it for the girls to have another play area outside.

They should be done with everything in a little less than two weeks. We can't wait! I doing a jig right now in my computer chair!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

How exciting for you!! I am sure you will be glad to be all settled in.

Anonymous said...

great pics of the progress...looks even better on with cabinets and a new crew should be through in no time ....let me know when you need my muscle for the move in...or maybe just being grandma and watching my beautiful baby girls' mom

Anonymous said...

the house looks great. I cant wait to see it FOR REAL!! then maybe a get together out at Yonder Ole Farm would be a grand idea.

Judy said...

Fantastic!!! I'm so excited for you guys....almost in your own home again!

Judy said...

Fanastic! I'm know you are more than ready to be in your own home again!

The Mosiers said...

How exciting! I love the house, it's perfect for you guys!!!