Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 Trees and 4 Chickens.....

That's all we lost on the farm when Ike made its way through here last night. The two trees were already somewhat dead and the 4 chickens weren't smart enough to get out of the rain. Although, Farmer Jason and I spent about 1 hour chasing these 4 geniuses down and putting them in the barn several times last night before the storm hit.

Kaylyn would tell you that our yard looks 'junkie'. That is what she said when she looked out of the window this morning. There are lots of parts and pieces of trees everywhere. But, we are thankful as it could have been much worse.

I found out something new about myself. When disaster strikes, I'm a cleaner. Some people handle their stress in different ways by being cookers, crafters, eaters, etc. Well, I'm a cleaner. I organized the girls entire closet among other various procrastination areas before the storm hit yesterday. This worked out well on the farm because Aunt Debbie is a cooker. She loves to cook. So we were well-fed and I had a clean house. Perfect!

Please keep Jason in your prayers. He went into the fire station in Houston this afternoon. He said Houston was destroyed in many places. They transferred his crew to a different station with a working generator. A lot of the calls they are getting are for fires. But, he said it was indescribable what it looks like around there. Most people are packing up and leaving because they know they face days without power.

Please keep everyone affected by the hurricane in your prayers too. I see beautiful things happen within the church during a crisis like this. I know there are churches all over that will be taking care of evacuees as a form of 'worship' Sunday morning instead of having a 'normal' church service. Pray that the Lord is glorified in those places and the evacuees sense an overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort.


Steph said...

Glad you guys made it out without too much damage. I was thinking about you guys and all your animals.

As a city girl it never dawned on me (before now) how scary a hurricane must be for farmers. I just couldn't fathom what you do with all those cows! And those poor chickens. :(

Glad you guys are safe.
Hope to see you soon.

Sarah Shalley said...

I am soooo glad that that is all that you lost. I thought about you lots, but I think ya'll may have had it better than us. Navasota is without power for days to weeks. We have no power in Houston. I evacuated to grandma's so that I would have AC, internet and electricity!

Love you guys! I'll keep Jason in my prayers.I'm so thankful he's serving my city.

mandi said...

wow- it's still hard for me to imagine what jason is seeing out there. my dad calls and tells me what he's seeing as he's driving. while i'm sitting in my ac under my fan. it's too hard to see unless you are in it. i'll never forget what houston looked like after alicia...i'm thinking it must be similar. and it's not only what you see. it's the absence of sound. the fear, the loss. it's all tangible. what a sad time. i'm anxious to do help.

QuiltedSimple said...

So glad you made it through that - we are getting the high winds now - ripped the siding off our house! Take care!

Jen said...

I just recently found your blog. I m glad that you guys made it through safely. I will be praying for your hubby and his unit.

Gina said...

Glad you and your family are safe. I just had to comment and say that you rock...I've been reading your cleaning tips and cleaning recipes and just ordered some Dr. Bronner's soaps. I am super excited about going to all natural cleaning products and I'm actually looking forward to cleaning!! Thank you for posting your great cleaning tips/recipes!!!

The Williams Family said...

I'm so glad that ya'll weathered the storm so well!!! We have roof damage, water damage in the house, had to rip up carpets, sheetrock peeling, paint bubbling and drooping (didn't know it could do that), but we really did quite well. We are so blessed that we still have our home and we're all safe. I found out I'm a cleaner also.....that kinda goes in circles at the moment though b/c of stuff being ripped up and attic stuff being moved around the house but it defenitly helps me get through my day! Today I cleaned the boys bathroom (that we're all using at the moment), does it go without saying that a boys bathroom is gross!!!!!!!! and their only 6 and 4!!!!, anyways, I was so proud to using my vinegar and essential oils and baking soda to clean top to bottom!!!!!! Keep me posted on the products! I love recommendations, I'm still trying to find the perfect shade of foundation with everyday but like it, and I'm still using the arbonne shampoo and conditioner, it doesn't take color out of my hair, guess it just depends, its the only shampoo line that I've found that doesn't make my head break out.