Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Favorites

I am a product junkie.

What I mean by this is that I love to try new products in hopes I will find the perfect one I've been looking for all along. And once I find the perfect product, I like to stick with it. This makes my life much easier. Unless I find something even better, in which case, I now have a new favorite product.

Consider this post a review of sorts- a review of all-natural beauty products with good ingredients. If you can wear it, bathe with it, scrub with it, or brush with it, you bet I've tried at least 20 different varieties of it.

I would like to step up on my soap box for just a second. You must be careful when you buy a product that is labeled 'All-Natural' or 'Organic Ingredients'. Although your intentions may be good, I have seriously felt cheated on more than a few occasions when I actually found out what was in a product that I purchased. Just because it says this, doesn't make it so. Sprite says 'All-Natural' on the label.

Its a good idea to be educated on the ingredients to steer clear of. There are several products out on the market now that aren't entirely what they say. Since the buzz words that are mentioned above are now all over the place, companies are taking advantage of uninformed well-meaning customers.

Okay, I'm stepping down from my box.


Let's start with deodorant. You better believe that Jason and I have tried almost every natural deodorant out there. We've even tried a few homemade essential oil combinations.

Alvera Deodorant is BY FAR the best that we've found. Its works awesome for both of us and the Almond & Aloe scent is lovely. Now, we still perspire a little bit since this is a natural function of the body. But, we most definitely never smell. I can't say the same thing for other natural deodorants that are out there. I've tried at least a dozen to find the right one for us. I even buy this deodorant for one of Jason's fellow fire fighters because he loves it so much.

This deodorant has Grapefruit Seed Extract, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Oat Protein, Herb Water, and a few other ingredients. Its worth trying out. I purchased this initially at the HEB in College Station, but have since found an online store for me to buy from that will be listed below as well.


This has been a sore subject for me for a while. Mostly because I would LOVE to not wear any make-up. But, as hormones would have it, this simply cannot be the case for me. It AIN'T pretty people.

I know that wearing make-up in and of itself isn't even considered 'natural' to some out there, but I just knew I could find a good make-up for my skin and still feel perfectly confident.

I have heard of mineral make-up for a long time, but never fully understood the benefits of it. The biggest thing with mineral make-up is that is contains no chemicals and the minerals are actually good for you skin. I've struggled with skin problems my whole life so this was a huge factor for me.

I looked up make-up with the lowest toxin rating in the COSMETIC SAFETY DATABASE (skin deep) and came across Everyday Minerals. I was looking for an inexpensive, neatly packaged, user friendly mineral make-up and found this company. The added bonus was that it was in Austin, TX!!! Local and non-toxic- two thumbs up from me!

I bought the mini-sampler kit for $18 and received 6 different varieties of make-up including eye shadow, bronzer, foundations, concealer, etc. This kit lasted me 1 1/2 months and I wear make-up mostly every single day.

I was a little apprehensive about the coverage since this is a big factor for my problem skin. But, I was more than pleased with the coverage. You can apply the desired covered you want and not feel like you are wearing a pound of make-up.

I bought a different brand of make-up every single time I ran out of my 'whatever'. But, after using Everyday Minerals, I won't by anything else. I ran out not too long ago and I could tell the difference in my skin when I had to go and buy something from the store to get me through.


The label creeps me out, but I have fallen in love with the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps.

They are pure castile soaps and can be used all over. The directions say that this can even be used as a mouthwash. I proved this concept to be false after one swish of this stuff in mouth. It was the most terrible taste I've ever experienced.

I also love Dr. Bronner's soaps because we can wash with it and I can use it to make my homemade cleaning products so it serves as a dual purpose. Jason loves the Almond scent and has to be in mood for the Peppermint. The Peppermint makes you tingle. I'm not even kidding. You should try it. Its refreshing!

As for the website I mentioned above, I love The thing to know is that not everything that you can buy on this site is considered 'natural'. But, they have tons of varieties of products and they have AMAZING prices and shipping. I have been really pleased with them. The other thing I love about this site is it gives reviews of the products from customers so that is very helpful. Especially if you are a product junkie like me.

I'm still on my quest for naturally wonderful products. I will keep you posted as I discover them.

But, in the meantime, what are some of your favorite products? I'm still on the hunt for a good shampoo & conditioner.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog!

Rachel Marie said...

Hi! I don't think I've left you a comment before so here goes.

Thanks for your recommendations. I actually was just looking for some new make-up and wanted to try something that was all natural and worked well. I think I may try the Everyday Minerals!

Oh and for shampoo and conditioner, have you every tried the Arbonne Intellegence Not-so-basic Hair Care line? I am an Arbonne rep and think it works rather well. Just thought I would let you know.

Rachel said...

Great post! I'm going to get some of that everyday minerals makeup when my expensive bare minerals runs out someday!

For kids, I really love California Baby shampoo and body wash. They have it at Target, so I don't have to order it online. For shampoo and conditioner for myself, I've tried a lot of things, including using only baking soda and AC vinegar for over a month... not such great results. I've been using Avalon Organics stuff, but it isn't that natural, but works much better than baking soda.

For deodorant for the past year, I've been using a body splash (vodka, water and essential oils) and a dab of baking soda and cornstarch. It works great.

Brandi said...

there's a great facialist in brenham. it's over behind blockbuster, called something like karen's skin secrets. she's very good, and sells a bunch of natural products. i love her little spray moisturizer. i did like the cleanser until i developed an allergy to it. (a common problem with lots of "natural" products; sometimes the processing of more conventional products does remove allergens, even if it adds voodoo.) karen does a fantastic herbal peel that really works. she's a tiny bit kooky, but i think that's a plus in a facialist. :)

i haven't found any natural hair stuff that i like. but i figured that since i color my hair it would be a little hypocritical to worry too much about that.

i've been using a few burts bees products and i'm happy with those. i'm using a body lotion with beeswax and honey in it that i like. our walgreens sells it.

i like to have an aloe plant in the house. when anyone has an injury or burn i just break off a leaf and rub it on.

i made a lipbalm with beeswax, avocado oil, and orange oil that i love. i will maybe use a different oil next time though b/c the avocado made it green. you can't tell when it's on, but it looks gross in the jar. i also made an eye cream that i liked; it turned out a little greasy so i only use it at night.

i have a book with recipes for lots of natural beauty products (and home cleaning recipes too); i've enjoyed some more than others. you'd be welcome to borrow it.

QuiltedSimple said...

I'll have to try the makeup - I too need to wear it every day, but the only thing I can wear so far (without having skin issues) is Mary Kay and that's too danged expensive. Thanks!

QuiltedSimple said...

PS and Dr. Bohner's works great - but the labels are definitely creepy!

Anjolee said...

Cool post! I am an Arbonne girl all the way and I LOVE their shampoo and conditioner. All of their things last FOREVER even though they are expensive.
Thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

Again, you rock...because I love make-up and I love the idea of natural make-up and I love that it is so cheap! I ordered some free samples last night and can't wait to get them!! You mentioned skin issues, have you read "The Skin Type Solution" by Dr. Bauman? She came up with 16 different skin types and all you do is take the quiz in the book and she provides a list of products specifically for your skin typs. She also lists ingredients good and bad for each skin typs. You may be able to find it at your local library if you want to read it before you buy it (I have checked it out from our local library 3 times!!)

Carrie said...

Baby Arboone line is wonderful!!! I wear all make-up from Arbonne and my skin has never looked better. I use the Intelligence line. I get it at a discount as well as you. You just have to get a pin and id number and pay once a year $15 I think. No other strings attached. Oh - I used to use the shampoo/ conditioner. It will take any coloring out of your hair (I don't use color but friends do), I was very unhappy with it.

mandi said...

oh man- i've been working on a post similar to this one. let's far my top 3 favorite brands for natural body products are:
aubrey organics
dr. bronners
i feel confident about pretty much anything these guys sell. i used to be die-hard tom's toothpaste and burt's bees until they both sold their companies. colgate owns tom's and has all sorts of creepy new ingredients in it.
for my face: i rub a piece of aloe on my face and then rinse. i use coconut oil for a 'moisturizer'. coconut oil is my number 1 beauty product. i use it all over- even in my hair! bonus: you smell like a sexy tropical lady! it's also great for kid's skin and a quasi-deoderant (mixed with lavendar)

The Kramer Family said...

I agree Mandi! I love coconut oil. We use it for various things and I cook with it as well.

I, too, love aloe vera. I bought some pure organic aloe vera until my plant takes off.

As for Arbonne, I've tried most of their products. I used to wear their make-up, but I was spending a fortune and it didn't last long on me so I had to go a different direction with that.

I'm all about minimal ingredients and homemade if at all possible. I have found it saves a ton of money in the end.

I am enjoying all of the comments and learning from you ladies! There is so much out there its nice to put our heads together and share.

Keep them coming!

Heather said...

I totally started using Dr. Bronners based on your post a while ago about your homemade cleaning products! That label is disturbing! I looked him up online and apparently, he was at one time in a mental institution, but got out and basically started his own religion. He's gone now, but his son is in charge and continues the freakish labels in honor of his dad.

Thanks for being a product helps me find new stuff too! :)

The Vann's said...

I love mineral make-up. I actually just started using it and right now I am using Bare Essentuals and I really like it. I will have to try the Everyday Minerals next. Thanks for the tip!


Christy said...

I use Jason's lavendar shampoo and conditioner. I really like them.