Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

If you have a Facebook account you know about the latest "25 things" craze floating around. I was tagged a bunch of times and I have less than 100 friends on Facebook.

Since I actually took the time to follow suit and write down my random things, I thought I'd go ahead and put on the blog too. I like a good list. I also love the fact that I had previously created a label that this blog entry fits perfectly into labeled "Lynsey's Randomness."

Here it goes......

1. I’m random. Let’s just get this one out of the way. My brain goes 90 miles an hour and I have a tendency to blurt out whatever random thought or question that comes to mind no matter how insane it is.
2. Jason and I met and married all within the same year……when you know, you know.
3. I have a deep phobia of mayonnaise (and Miracle Whip for that matter). I had a horrific experience with it as a child. If you ask, I’ll tell.
4. I’ve never ever had my eyebrows professionally waxed. I wax them myself.
5. I love to take naps watching golf or Nascar. Its so relaxing to me!
6. Up until about 10 years ago, I would NEVER look at my face/self in a mirror with the light on. I used to put my make-up on in the dark… weird is that???? I had major insecurity issues. God is so good! Can you even imagine the make-up lines that must have been present???
7. I was an athlete in high school and a total volleyball chick. Since I graduated in 1999, I haven’t really worked out or ran much. I regret getting so out of shape! This is probably one of the biggest regrets in life- falling off the work-out wagon.
8. I didn’t graduate from college. I quit two years into it after we married and knew the Lord was calling me to be a stay-at-home wife and mommy.
9. I was obsessed with dolphins as a child and teenager. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist so badly when I grew up so I could swim with dolphins daily.
10. Up until we moved to the farm three years ago, I never had planted one single plant, baked a loaf of bread, pulled an egg out of a chicken’s hiney hole, or driven a tractor. I’m learning as I go and not afraid to ask for help.
11. Jason and I moved 7 times in the first 7 years of marriage….super hard!
12. I secretly LOVE rap music and techno/club music. There is something about a good bass beat that rocks my socks! Too bad the lyrics are so poopy in some of the songs!
13. I am a social butterfly. I love having people over to my house or going to where people are at.
14. I’m a research buff! I love to learn new things and look up practically anything and everything I don’t know the answer to, but want to learn. I have friends and family who call me to ask me to “look into” (aka…research) things for them.
14. I love coffee! I can drink it anytime of day.
15. I washed trucks (the big kind) with my dad on weekends when I was a teenager. He has the most incredible work ethic and did whatever it took to keep the bills paid. He’s amazing.
16. I love to eat out. It’s a real treat for me. And it doesn’t matter where it is- Cici’s Pizza or Macaroni Grill. I love them all! This presents a big problem having a husband who hates to eat out and also interferes with us trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
17. I’m the most awful story and joke teller. I have no skills in this area.
18. I most happy when Jason, the girls, and I are together. It doesn’t matter what we are doing- watching a moving, eating dinner, riding around in the pasture, or on vacation.
19. I hate abortion. HATE it.
20. Being a mommy and wife suits me just fine. There is no greater profession or job I’d rather have right now and I’m definitely not a 9 to 5 kind of person. Jason giggled the other day at the thought of me working 9 to 5.
21. I understand the value of friendship and what it takes to be a good friend. My girlfriends are precious to me. There were several years early on in our marriage that Jason was my only friend (probably had something to do with moving so much). This grew us extremely close and to this day he is still my best friend. But, it has made me appreciate the girlfriends I now have so much more!
22. When I’m an old lady, I will call all of the young women in my life “darlin” and “sugar” and “honey”.
23. #22 has got me to thinking about how much I love old people! They are among some of my favorites. I even like grouchy old people and try and make it my goal in life to make them crack a smile.
24. I do absolutely nothing in the same order every day. I don’t even make my coffee the same or get dressed in the same order.
25. I don’t like seeing so many sentences start with “I”. This has been enough about me.


Brandi Tejeda said...

I notice that you have 2 #14s. :) The one about the research...I had to laugh because that is so me. I get about a call a day..."so brandi, when you have time can you look this up for me.." LOL! And of course...I love it!

The Kramer Family said...

Dang it! That is so funny and also bugs me big time. A faulty number means that my list now has 26 things on it instead of 25! Poop!

matt, larra, and brody said...

Lyns, you put a lot of thought into this! That was a good list. I feel like mine was not very thought out. And I love learning these things about you!

Love you!

The Williams Family said...

I want a post on the mayo story!!! I used to have a lot of "issues" with food as a child, hard stuff in meat, veins in fish, etc...The other day I was watching the magic schoolbus with the boys and learned about chicken eggs, the whole process, and now I gag everytime I make them for the boys!!! All that to say, POST THE MAYO STORY!!!

The Montalbos said...

4. Yeowch! I cannot believe you max them yourself, I would cry.
5. Me too! Or tennis.
6. Lyns, you are so beautiful! How silly!

I really enjoyed reading your list. I started one but I got to #10 and thought, "15 more! No way!!"

QuiltedSimple said...

Great list! And I want the mayo story. Have a great day!

Garratts said...

Hey! How was the getaway. I saw KK at Church on Sunday. We had a nice little visit about life.
She is so funny.