Thursday, February 12, 2009

Laney Rae's Shark!

I was cleaning the floors yesterday with my Shark (that I'm still in love with) and Laney Rae discovered she had a Shark too! She was absolutely precious. Every single room I went into, she followed with her "popper".

Back and forth she'd slide her popper across the floor totally focused and so proud of her accomplishments.

Shark vs. Popper- who will win?


Anonymous said...

Too sweet!

Grace said...

How precious is that?!!! She is so cute in her diaper and paci helping mommy to clean the floor! What a precious little bit of sunshine you have living in your home!

Connie said...

So cute! I love the old school toys so much. Jules got a little vacuum for Christmas and it is SO not even comparable.

She looks so cute. And for the record, I know you say she is a good eater but let me tell you....if I showed you a picture of me when I was her age you might think I was part of a Jerry Springer episode.

I think I may have started the triple chin movement.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the pictures of Laney Rae helping. And I am so envious that she can be in the house in just a diaper. I know, I know, you are in Texas but was 39 here today (although I guess I shouldn't complain = it was 70 yesterday). And she is so serious about it - to precious!

Anonymous said...

cute..cute..cute..i vote for laney rae's shark (pink popper) to all grandma (mom)

Carrie said...

Got a question. I like your rug under your table shown in the picture. What kind is it and do you like a rug under the kitchen table? I've been thinking of getting one but not sure if the cleanup with three small kids will be harder.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Hey Carrie!

I do like my rug under my dining room table. It helps warm up and define the space. And with the Shark, cleaning it is a breeze! I'm serious.

I purchased this rug at Walmart. Its extremely inexpensive for this size of rug. Its solid red/deep red.

I hope this helps!

the amys said...

So is that the cleaning uniform for everyone? She is so cute, and look at all that hair. Will likes to sweep which is so funny. I always thought that was a girl thing, but he is my clean freak. Love you guys~ Liz

Kyle said...

That girl's got a beautiful, thick lookin' head of hair... and some seriously pinchable thighs!

Hendrick Family said...

I want to eat her.


I do.

the herzogs said...

I will just come out and say it...I read your blog all the time and love it - I have wanted to post a comment several times before, but for some reason haven't. Necessity has brought me to say something (as I just did recently to Heather, too!)...I need a new dining room table. I know all I can see in these pictures are the legs, but I like the legs of your table! So I thought I would just ask where you got it :-). We are in desperate need of a new one, but it is hard to find one I like! Thanks!