Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nesting- a beautiful mess

Now that we live on farm, I see things within nature and can only attribute the genius of creation to the Creator Himself. Through Him all things were made (John 1:3). Not that it took living on a farm to acknowledge this, but there is something about having nature right at your fingertips all day long.

I see pigs, chickens, birds, cats, and dogs scope out the perfect spot for weeks and weeks to have their babes. Or they spend their days up to the arrival of their young, gathering straw or fluffing hay.


Its a natural occurance in a pregnant momma's life. I'm by no means comparing myself to a pig or chicken- well, I kind of am. I'm just acknowledging that this is a stage common to animal and human alike. I've witnessed it over and over on our farm and now its happening in my own brain.

I'm convinced that every toy must go and that my children not only DO NOT play with toys, but they use toys to create obstacle courses throughout our house. My children might be the only ones around who play with wooden spoons and rocks because they don't have any toys. Just teasing.......although, that isn't a bad idea. They'd probably rather play with wooden spoons anyways.

I'm organizing things like crazy. But, you know that in the process of organizing your house must implode from within to bring about all of the nasty. The nasty is coming out and either going in the trash or garage sale pile. I'd probably give you my very favorite things in my home right now if you came over simply because I'm in purge mode!

Kaylyn's room is getting a Shabby Chic makeover complete with varieties of floral fabrics, pink damask print wallpaper, a chandelier, and crystal lampshades. She is going to LOVE her new girlie room. She still resents me because I refused to put pink in her first "big girl" room.

We are using all of the non-pink stuff for Laney Rae's new room so its working out perfectly.

I'm really excited about Ruthie's new room! I was blessed by a dear friend of mine (who happens to be a brilliant designer) with new baby bedding featured in this issue of Better Homes and Gardens (this is her actual house and now my actual bedding). Its beautiful! Thanks Holly! You seriously should go over to her website and take a gander! I was at her home today hanging out and visiting. I left inspired and refreshed.

There is lots going on around here.

Inside our home.....crazy nesting woman who wants to purge or organize everything with an almost complete edition.....yeehaw!

Outside our home.......a farm store and farm kitchen almost done, landscaping going in, vegetable garden in the works, and work being done to our outside porch areas.

Here are some photos I'll leave you with. These were snapped in the "tearing up" session I had with KK's room last week.

It might be a bit before I'm able to post again. I have a million things in my brain that HAVE to get out and be

thrown away,
or sewn.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, at least you were open to show the mess .. but KayKay was not bothered .. in her tutu jumping and dancing around..Caroline and I are coming to Laney Rae's Birthday party Saturday.. So we will see you then.. Love Aunt Terri

Anonymous said...

If the "come over and ask for something and I'll give it to you" thing applies to camera equipment (lenses) then I'm on my way to Brenham right now!!


QuiltedSimple said...

Oh my - Kaylynn is having a blast, isn't she????? You'll have your work cut out for you in THAT room - no doubt. Funny - my kids loved wooden spoons and measuring spoons to play with - forget the toys. I too am getting ready for the mother of all garage sales - much to EVERYONE's dismay. Have a great day!

Brandi Tejeda said...

Ok so you and I are pregnant twins right now. Just last week I decided that ALL toys MUST go OR they MUST find a home. I wrecked the girls room. I was in there ALL day. Juan actually came to check on me to see if I was still alive or if the toys had buried me. I was there...sort of. You can just imgaine a sort of fat pregnant girl crawling around on her hands and knees scraping away with a attitude. was bad. But let me tell you....its GOOD now! Good luck with your nesting. Mine has only kicked in slightly....Hope to see you soon! We really SHOULD have a playday before we are too fat. hahaha!

Campbell Clan said...

I remember going through that "nesting" stage. I miss it. I love the fact that you are completely honest. I wish Wes and I could come over sometime to see your makeovers. Plus all the chickens and animals. I miss you guys.

Jennifer Bacak said...

I cleaned and organized like a crazy woman last week on Spring Break, so make room in KK's drawers for all the clothes!!! Am I nesting? When adoption is your method of having babies, you just never know. Maybe a baby is coming at us. That or I'm sick of the junkiness of our house.
Nest away, little mama! And I so want to see the finished product! Can the Bacaks visit the farm soon?