Friday, March 6, 2009

Whew! That's a wrap.

I've loved every minute of being Kaylyn's room mom for her class. Its been super fun!

One of our tasks as room mom is to coordinate our class project for our big fundraiser. Its a festival of sorts complete with a live auction in which they auction off each of the class projects. Projects range from thumb-printed picnic tables, gift baskets, trunks with hand prints, and mosaic bird baths. The goal is to incorporate the students as much as possible in the actual project.

I chose to do a "Dick & Jane" theme. I LOVE Dick & Jane and old vintage fabrics. I had some on hand including some sock monkey fabric, so it worked out perfectly. I wanted our project to be unique and appeal to more moms than just in our class.

The students decoupaged the desk with fabric cut-outs and paper alphabets. We used Modge Podge. I seriously am in LOVE with Modge Podge. I want to decoupage my entire house now. Its fun stuff!

I painted the top portion with chalkboard paint so it can be written on as well!

They also applied buttons to clothes pins for our chicken wire bulletin board made out of an old window. I took pictures of the students on the playground at school to display in the window.

And lastly, I made this apron as an accessory. I just used Heat N Bond for the appliques and pockets. Its super easy to use and I'm equally in love with Heat N Bond. Its a major time savor.

I also tried my hand at sewing for the very first time. Jason bought me a sewing machine and this is the result of that- a Dick & Jane chair cushion. I will admit its a bit on the small side, but I didn't have a pattern and didn't consider the seam in the fabric nor the actual filling. So, I set my perfectionism aside long enough to appreciate the fact that I actually sewed something. I complicated things by adding the fringe between the two fabrics, but I had to have it!

We had a few other accessories that Kaylyn's teacher made (a decoupaged clipboard) and another mom made (a terra cotta pot painted with chalkboard paint and filled with chalk). These were all precious too!

So that's what I've been up to this week among a plethora of other things.


Brandi Tejeda said...

Very cute! I bet the kids had a ton of fun!! Almost as much as you did! ;)....I love the pics...but would love a belly pic MUCH more....says the pregnant girl who has yet to post one of herself..haha!

Anonymous said...

How nice and fun!

QuiltedSimple said...

Whoo hooo! You are a rocking room mom!! Love the stuff you've made - it all looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

JOB WELL DONE my talented, beautiful daughter...I knew i should have went ahead and gone..i just know your's out-shined the're such a great mommy..thanks for doing a wonderful job in raising my precious grandkiddos' you

The Kramer Family said...

Just to update you-

Our desk and items brought in $500 for our school last night. Woohoo!

Thanks for the comments.

The Montalbos said...

Oh my goodness! That is WAY TOO CUTE! Look how creative you are!!! Way to go on your 1st sewing project too!

mandi said...

oh man- it turned out great! how much did it go for?!? that inappropriate to ask? : )
phew! i just read your comment below- that is a BIG chunk of change! way to go!

Anonymous said...

OH the table and the chair cushion in Dick & Jane are soo Cute!! I wish I could have bid on it to give 2 of the precious girls for their birthday and new bedrooms..And of course the window clip board was also great it could be used in multiple decors..
OOPS !! just read what you got for the table.. a little over my budget.. Love Aunt Terri

texasmcvays said...

Girl you've been crafty! I'd love it if you linked this to my craft project linky! These are great! We have a frame in our house with chicken wire I never even considered decorating the clothes pins but it's on the list now!

Jane said...

So cute! Did I read that you had been to Round Top? Texas? My mom and aunt go every year. My mom actually flys in from FL for it! This year was my first time. Luckily it meshed with my cousin's wedding. Anyway, wow what a place!

Also, so refreshing to read, "So, I set my perfectionism aside long enough to appreciate the fact that I actually sewed something." I do that all. the. time. Much better to create than to worry about being perfect!