Friday, May 15, 2009

Belly Shot- 7 days left

Its a bit ridiculous that the last time I took a belly photo was 13 weeks! And here we are 7 days prior to Ruthie coming, and I finally decide to take my next photo. Its never to late to update I guess!

I kept telling myself that the next time I looked cute, I'll have Jason snap one of me.....but the cuteness never came apparently.

We were cleaning the yard and bathing the girls in the yard yesterday evening. I had the genius idea of snapping my maternity photo. Doesn't that just scream photo shoot???? Ha! There was no cute or make-up involved in this photo! But, at this stage in the game, I'm super laid back and just ready for our sweet Ruthie to come. There's no time to be picky that's for sure.

I'm kind of in shock at how laid back I've become.

Did you read that I bathed my girls in the front yard? This is the way to go! Thank God for living in the country. Jason and I were enjoying watching the girls swim and play in the front yard. Then I realized the next step in our night time routine was the bath.

I thought it would have been silly for the girls to relocate to a different tub of water when they were already sitting in one. I went in and got the soap and towels. The rest is history. One pool for soakin'- the one with bubbles. One pool for rinsin'- the one without bubbles. Awesome!


Campbell Clan said...

I think you look adorable. I miss being pregnant. I hope you have a successfull and healthy delivery. Can you believe you are about to be a mom of 3? Gosh!!! We do need to get together this summer. Maybe we can come there, since we are going to have the smallest baby!!!

Brandi said...

you look beautiful, lynsey! congratulations.

i haven't been bathing the kids much lately. swimming kind of counts, right?

Anonymous said...

LOL, too funny! My Mom let my niece go potty outside in the back part of our house rather than bringing her in since she was having too much fun outside, that is one thing we love about the country, we can wear anything we want to:)

The Williams Family said...

OH my gosh you look so cute!!! Such a great smile on your face and I love your hair.
The boys don't get bathed as much either b/c the daily swimming has begun!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute! what are you talking about! you look very natural.

how funny! brody swam naked in his pool yesterday but there was no soap involved. i might give that a try tonight! and we don't live in the country hehe! our neighbors might get a little shock if they looked over our fence.

Connie said...

Aww..very cute, everyone!

QuiltedSimple said...

You are beautiful friend!!! And I so love the shot of your girls bathing in the yard - it's only 70 here - don't think there will be any outside baths anytime soon. Here's to a successful delivery - keep us posted!

emily jane said...

lyns you are absolutely beautiful!! now that's a great belly shot :)

i can't wait for little ruthie to get here... i mean the 3rd girl IS the most fun ;)

love you!! love her room too, by the way!

Brandi Tejeda said...

You are so adorable! I dont look that fair!

Im pretty sure a bath in the swimming pool is girls shower in the sprinkler regularly..thought that was normal! haha!

Steph said...

Yes, I agree with're beautiful!

I can't believe it's time for baby already!!! It seems like you just got pregnant. Well... maybe not to you. :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

You look beautiful!! Love the baby bump!! :) I can't believe number 3 is almost here, already! OH...LOVE the name!! Precious!!!

Shabby Mama said...

it's a great picture..i love it! and love the outside bath idea are awesome.

Denese said...

Lynsey - you look amazingly beautiful and very at peace. With God about to present you with your 3rd little one what else could you possibly be but laid back? Hope you can rub some of that "laid back" upon my sweet Meg when Sawyer makes her arrival - LOL! I wish you all the best in the coming week & can't wait to see Ruthie right here along with her sisters. God bless - Denese

mandi said...

look how beautiful you are! i can't wait for little ruthie to come : )

i'm all for baths outside- mud know- barnard style

The Montalbos said...

You look SO BEAUTIFUL! Really. I'm not just sayin that to be nice.

Can't wait to see some pics of that sweet baby! I'll be praying for a safe and healthy delivery on Friday.

P.S. Farmer Jason's hair is LONG!!

Anonymous said...

Lynsey, you are beautiful!!
Love the girls bathing options..
and it was creative to have one pool with suds and the other the rinsing pool.. especially since Laney Rae is so fond of bathing and such... she looks so laid back .. adorable!! See you in a few days!! Love Aunt Terri

The Currie Family said...

You look wonderful! Who needs make-up when you are glowing?!