Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update Schmupdate

Yes. Its about time!

We still don't have internet at our house on my computer since we've moved its located after the new addition was complete. We've filed this what would be a normal task to most in the "CFT Folder".

Have you heard of it?

Its called "Country Folk Time". We discovered this time zone phenom upon moving to the country. Nothing happens quickly around here. NOTHING! I am not exagerating.

But, I HAD TO update today so I'm borrowing a computer and have uploaded some pictures to share.

Today is a special day. Its exactly 10 days before Ruthie Claire makes her debut into this world- if she stays put for 10 more days.

Ruthie is, indeed, still in my tummy.

We've been working like crazy people getting things moved around and put in place. Her room is officially DONE! Which is what I wanted to share with you today. I still need to put pics up of the rest of the house, but that can wait.

I can't believe that there are only 10 days left to enjoy this little one bouncing around in my tummy.

Soon, we will be enjoying her "coos" in her tiny infant voice.

We will get to smell her newness.

Laney Rae knows that there is a baby in mommy's tummy. I don't know if she knows how soon she will be here or that she is ever coming out. But, just about everyday Kaylyn asks me if I'm going to go to the hospital so Ruthie can be here.

I'm beyond excited to meet Ruthie! I have no idea what she is going to look like. I do know that she most likely will be bald since my other girls were and have a perfectly round head (one of the only perks of having a c-section:).

I've had the best pregnancy this time around. Its finally agreeing with me. I felt kind of yucky in the beginning. But, finishing well has blocked all of that out of my mind. Even now- 10 days away- I still don't feel entirely miserable. I'm so thankful for the blessing of an easy pregnancy.
Ruthie's room turned out better than I had ever dreamed or imagined.
This is the first "official" nursery that I've got to complete BEFORE the baby comes. Kaylyn came 5 weeks early and the day after I stopped working. Nesting didn't exist for me during her pregnancy. Laney Rae came when we had two bedrooms before the big remodel, so preperation for her consisted of a pack n play beside our bed in our room. There wasn't anything wrong with that. You gotta do what you gotta do! But, this time around I got to decorate a nursery!!!
My mom and sister spent THEIR Mother's Day, which also happens to be my sister's birthday, helping me organize Ruthie's clothes and room down to even washing and folding them. My sister is a genius at organizing and making things make sense- which doesn't easily happen in my life. I'm so blessed to have such great help!
On Monday, my super sweet and super talented friend, Holly (Holly Mathis Interiors- go see her precious nursery in the works!), came over and we finished Ruthie's room! She designed Ruthie's entire room and did an amazing job. She even gave us the precious crib bedding that her firstborn used. Did I mention she is sweet?
Holly is so good at taking what you having and using it to the fullest. We had the crib, the armoire, and the changing table in all of the other girls' rooms, but this time around she suggested that we paint and distress the matching armoire and changing table to add more character. The accessories mostly came from Holly. The Lord has truly gifted her!
The lovely brown chair in the photos was able to be purchased due to some incredibly generous friends and family. It's the most comfortable glider rocker!
My other super sweet friend Missy, who happens to be an extremely brilliant florist here in Brenham (Moosefeathers), came over yesterday while we put the finishing touches in the room to watch the kiddos- all 5 of them......feed them........water my yard.......mess with water hoses (I hate water hoses)..........put vinyl decals up all over the place in my house (I went a little crazy with these)..........dress all 5 children TWICE..........and who even knows what else. She could run a small village all by herself. The girl is efficient!
Thanks girls! I'm so thankful for you!
Okay, here are the pictures of Ruthie's room. These were taken by with my new mother's day present my thoughtful husband gave me. I've been wanting a good point-and-shoot to carry around in my purse and something less bulky than my SLRs. He bought me an AMAZING point-and-shoot camera for Mother's Day. If you are in the market for one, you should totally check out the Canon Powershot G10. It just came out, and I have nothing but great things to say about it! Its has lots of bells and whistles. Thanks Honey!
I still don't have a good belly shot pic! I need to get one of those!


Anonymous said...

how sweet and precious it turned out...ruthie will love her new room... glad that mom is spending time in GOD"S word praying for this precious gift from HIM..i am truly blessed to have you as a daughter...love mom p.s. i am ready for the belly shot now..she is coming soon..very soon

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh how precious the room is - wonderful, wonderful job!!! I cannot believe there's only 10 more days - I'm so glad you are having such an easy time with this pregnancy! Keep us all posted!

RiverBend Farm said...

The nursery looks adorable. I love the red! It looks so relaxing. Maybe you and Ruthie can escape for a few minutes of quiet time and enjoy the comforting surroundings before she makes her big arrival.

The Mosiers said...

I love the nursery!!! It's adorable! I love your style. Can't wait to meet sweet little Ruthie!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it looks like this room is in a magazine! It is so precious! Makes me want to have a little girl someday. And that big comfy chair! NICE! It turned out so great! Can't wait to meet Ruthie!

Anonymous said...

It's precious!

Rachel said...

Her nursery is precious! You did an amazing job. I can't wait to see pictures of your her out!

daniella said...

Absolutely beautiful. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally -Totally Awesome it really looks like a room from Pottery Barn for kids ( even better!!) How wonderfully creative you are and blessed to have your family and friends near you to help!!!
Love to All see you this weekend !! Aunt Terri

Brandi Tejeda said...

so sweet! Ruthis is going to LOVE it!!