Friday, June 5, 2009

What we've been up to.......

We've been enjoying our time at home. I'm going a little stir crazy at times. I'm ready to be out and about but I'm not supposed to be lifting much still. And loading a car full of girls requires some lifting so we've been taking it easy.

The girls have been real troopers. The day we got home from the hospital, Jason went and bought a couple of swimming pools to keep the girls occupied.

Laney Rae has been "sharing" Ruthie's swing. When Ruthie isn't using the swing, Laney Rae plops herself down in it. Its hilarious to watch her lounge in the swing.

Laney Rae and Kaylyn are also quite the cuddle-bugs with their baby sister. They want to hold and kiss her constantly. I love watching them become little mamas. They love each other so much.

Ruthie got her first bath! Her cord fell off and we were able to bathe her for the first time.

Speaking of umbilical is a funny story that isn't for those with weak stomachs who hate non-food related things being compared to food.

Kaylyn refers to umbilical cords as "bacon". She always has. Even when Laney Rae was an infant and Kaylyn could barely talk, that is what she deemed the umbilical cord.

Last week, we heard Kaylyn awaken from her sleep screaming at the top of her lungs. Jason flung out of bed because he seriously thought he was about to open a can on someone in her room. It freaked us out big time!

Come to find out, Kaylyn had a bad dream. Jason crawled into bed with her and they both went back to sleep.

I asked Kaylyn what her dream was about the next morning.

She replied,"Mommy, I dreamed that lizards were attacking Ruthie and were eating her bacon."

Gross! Kids have the funniest minds.

Here are some photos of Ruthie's bath. She looks a bit on the terrified side.


theBirkenfelds said...

We are cracking up reading about KK's dream! Ha!

the amy's said...

grady called it the unbiblical cord. Now he just calls it the belly cord. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

southerninspiration said...

How adorable your girls are!!


Rachel said...

That is hilarious! I remember as a kid, my brother would pretend his scabs were bacon and pretend to eat them. Sick.

Ruthie is just precious!

Grace said...

What precious girls you have...and the "bacon dream" had me cracking up!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another beautiful baby girl. Children are a blessing from the Lord - you are blessed. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you all.

:0)Tracy Kamprath

Anonymous said...

Kids are too sweet with their imaginations though, your girls are lovely and getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Oh those beautiful girls.. isn't wonderful to have the farm and just have that time to enjoy with all of them!!! I know you are recuperating and it takes longer each time..I had noght terrors and would wake the house up,, but I really did not remember what was upsetting and had to make up a nightmare/ monster because when your dad is awakened -he really wanted to be told what was so scary besides "I don't know" ...
I am not going to comment on bacon...Thanks for the update.. can not wait to see all of you in a couple of weeks..
Love Aunt Terri

QuiltedSimple said...

What great pics of your girls - I love KK's story! So glad everything is going well for you

mandi said...

oh man- you have to watch those bacon eatin' lizards! those are some sweet girlies you have there!

michelle said...

I honestly don't remember how I found your blog...but I was literally lol reading this post! The "open up a can" and your lil one's funny! your family is precious.