Tuesday, July 7, 2009

{tHe GaRdEn} & Rae Rae

Laney Rae walking to the garden

Our garden had a slow start this year. We were focused on lots of things when planting time came around this year.

We thought we were going to try our gardening skills using the square foot gardening method this year, but apparently you have to buy good dirt for that. I, however, was unwise with our dirt choice. A truckload full of sand mulch showed up, dumped it in our front yard, and off he went.

Gee, thanks for the sand mulch mister!

We had to re-do our entire garden set-up. Maybe next year we will try it again. I'm still hopeful. I just hate weeds! I've heard that using square-foot gardening, there are virtually no weeds ever! So, I'm all about that.

***Notice how I'm saying "we" a lot? I just noticed that. Clearly I was not involved much in gardening since I had a watermelon-sized tummy and shortly after that a newborn with a sore tummy. Jason and Aunt Debbie are the backbones behind the garden. I just show up and take pretty pictures.

We had to have a fence built around the garden area to keep the chickens out. They like to ruin gardens.

Overall, its doing really good considering we are in a terrible drought. Its looking more and more beautiful and we are slowly starting to harvest a variety of things. We still don't have very many tomatoes (my fav) yet. All in good time, right?

Laney Rae is totally in her element working alongside her daddy. She loves being outside. But, she loves being with her daddy outside even better!

Here are some photos of them working together in the garden. I could not resist the sundress and pink rubber boots.

The kittens decided to join them! When they see Laney Rae, they take off running excitedly at her.

I was able to snag a photo of these two cats sitting together with the barn in the background.

Laney Rae immersed in the tomato plants.

Daddy and Rae Rae picking squash!

Kitten with a bucket o' squash.

I love this little girl!

Rubber boots and kittens!

How cute are they?

One of our watermelons......they are actually doing wonderful this year!

We found a guinea nest in the garden!


Amy said...

Nice pictures!

QuiltedSimple said...

It looks good - much better than mine at the moment! I don't have weeds growing - I have GRASS growing. And lots of it. Laney Rae is so cute - love the boots!

Paige said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable! Laney Rae is such a mess!

Sarah Shalley said...

I still cannot get over Jason's hair. It's all over. Cutie LR. Love the ones of her and her Daddy. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

how precious laney rae is...what a BIG helper she is for daddy...oh how she loves the outdoors...be sure and check the boots for frogs ha-ha...these pictures just make your heart happy...enjoyed having all ya'll over...love grandma...

SweetPea said...

Love the photo's and wow how your garden grows mine is very green but nothing you can eat. I did dig up 2 bags of potatoes but that dosn't count because we planted those in March. Hope you all are well. We would love to come out and see you all...ANG & BEN

mandi said...

sweet pics!

your garden looks great!