Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stuck like Chuck

(excuse this awful quality of pic, its off of my phone:)

This morning was by far one of the most interesting mornings I've had in a while.

I was up late packing for our vacation and getting everything done so I decided to sleep in late (yeah right:) and wait for my kiddos to wake-up this morning.

Laney Rae is my early riser and is usually up around 7 am. However, this morning she decided to be an even earlier riser and wake at 6 am. CRAZY! She is the spitting image of her daddy.

However, if she wakes up before me she WILL NOT come and wake me up- miss independent!

This morning, I wake up from a deep hard sleep hearing this sweet little voice saying,"haaaaaiiiir," in the most high-pitched yet soft voice humanly possible for a scratchy voiced two year old.

I threw the covers off of me and leaped out of bed.

At this point, I had ZERO coffee in my system.

I went into the kitchen and found that Laney Rae had pushed her high chair over to the counter top and climbed up onto the counter top.

She chose this particular area because it happens to be where I keep a treat jar filled with small pieces of candy. Laney Rae decided she was going to have gum and smarties for breakfast.

The nook also happens to be home to a hanging fly strip. We've accumulated quite the volume of flies here on the farm. I guess it comes with the territory! Gross!

I can't stand flies in my house buzzing around me. Thus, the fly strips come in handy and are working quite nicely.

*I do take them down if we have guests. That would be SOOOO not right.*

I walked up to her and in her sweet raspy voice she said,"Hair stuck momma."

You think?!?!?

As Laney Rae was leaning over to get candy from the jar (see jar in photo by her feet:), she leaned right up against the fly strip. The strip was stuck all in her hair and still hanging from the ceiling!

Have you ever touched one of these suckers???? The goo does not come off easily....on unsuspecting flies will not come off. That is the point!

This momma panicked and called farmer Jason who breaks the news gently to me that I MAY have to cut her hair off and out of the fly strip. Gee, that's what I want to hear!

I start envisioning the hairstyles- with goo or a splotchy shave job???

The choice is difficult and weighing heavily on me.

Keep it or shave it off???

At this point, I think that Laney Rae's beautiful hair as we know it, is gone forever. I tend to think the worst in situations like this. And the lack of coffee in my system clouded my thought process even more.

I hang up the phone and say out loud,"This is bad. This is very very bad."

I grabbed the bottle of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and drench her hair with this stuff and massage it all over.

At this point, we had a greasy mess! I thought my beautiful 2 year old girl was going to FOREVER look like The Fonz from Happy Days with his greasy-haired self and white v-necked t-shirts. I could see the Halloween costume flashing before my eyes- leather jacket and all!

Panic starts to come over again. And I thought to myself,"Now, what have I done?"

I bent her head over and started washing it out with dish soap to cut the grease. And then we waited for it to dry to see what the end result was going to be!

I'm happy to report that all is well. The fly strip is in the trash, the candy is behind cabinet doors, I've had two cups of coffee, and Laney Rae's hair is back to being beautiful!

Now we can depart for vacation without goo-filled hair or a splotchy shave job.

My only regret is not grabbing my GOOD camera to capture the whole thing! But, who has time to even think about a photo session in an awful moment like this.

Thanks my wonderfully crazy Laney Rae for making my morning and my entire life- for that matter- exciting! Life wouldn't be the same without you.

Oh, and she got a spanking for eating candy for breakfast and climbing up on the counter top. After that, we had a good laugh about the whole thing!

Lesson to be learned.....

You always get caught- one way or another!


Shabby Mama said...

priceless...i wondered what the picture was when i got in on my phone! your house is NUTS! lol!

Carrie said...

That's great!!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

too funny! sounds like something my kids would do!

QuiltedSimple said...

Poor Laney Rae! And how funny!!! Glad all ended well

Sarah Katherine said...

That is so cute, and so Laney Rae!

Anonymous said...

OH how precious and disasterous at the same time!!! See you can think without coffee!!!
I hope and pray your vacation goes well!!
Love Aunt Terri

Ashleigh said...

This is hilarious....aren't you so glad you're a mom? You freak out a little (like me) in the beginning, but everything usually ends on a positive note! I love looking at your pictures; they're always so beautiful and I get to show Zachary and Abby their extended family.

Ashleigh Hill
(Mikey's wife)

Cheree McClain said...

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time about the fly trap story! I am jasons cousin, Cheree. Thanks for the funny blog.

mandi said...

oh man! that girl!
i'm so glad it came out ok.