Saturday, January 16, 2010

how do...

babies go from this

to this in just one short year.

Or from diapers

to dishes in just one short year.

It's simply not cool to this momma......well, the dishes part is. Look at that blue jean booty. Cute, cute, cute!

These photos were taken of Laney Rae exactly a year apart. I was going through photos organizing all 25,000 of them and was amazed at how much my "Rae Rae" has changed in one year.

This also served as a good reminder to me. I took the photos exactly a year ago fully intending on posting them to document this sweet ones journey. But, never got around to it. The next thing I know, she is washing dishes and wearing blue jeans.

I want to be better about documenting our little family's journey. Oh, and I'm looking into ways to printing my blog instead of scrapbooking.

Has anyone printed their blogger blog yet???

Did you like how it turned out?

Laney Rae had to take a picture with momma. She "posed" me and everything. So cute!


Kirby said...

Girl, I JUST posted an update of McKlayne and was saying that I was going to try and be better about documenting my kiddos, too!

Let's keep reminding each other!

She is getting SO PRETTY, Lyns! A pic from one of your recent posts looks like she is beginning to look more like KK!

I would love to just print out my blog, too, but am afraid that maybe I would not include ALL of the precious pictures that I want to cherish...maybe my blog would just be really picture heavy? Let me know what you decide to do.

RiverBend Farm said...

All your girls are absolutely adorable with each of their individual personalities shining through. I'm sure it makes a mama proud! They are growing up before ours eyes!

Heather said...

I have always thought about printing my blog but never tried to figure out how. If you figure it out before me let me know! And vice versa! :) LOVE the pics of Rae Rae! How did you get her to wash dishes?! Man, I need to get on the ball with the boys!

Grace said...

That blue jean little booty is just too cute! Our babies do grow too fast...way too fast!


Anonymous said...

oh my mercy..time is so are doing a terrific job being such a sweet mommy to my precious grandgirls..just try to do your best in keeping up with the pics..u know where mine boxes..but i did take a alot..every month your lst yrs..not a bad idea ..look at miss ruthie how quickly they change..loved having laney rae ..grandma loves them girls' so much..

Kelly said...

what a beautiful picture of you two! She is so adorable

Missy Robinson said...

How in heaven's name did you do a post after you day yesterday?? You are nuts, girl.
Rae Rae has always had a special place in my heart. I love her spirit. So much of Owen reminds me of her.
Love ya

Shabby Mama said...

i want to make my blog into a book too..i got some info about it but cant remember..that picture at the sink is precious and the one of yall it!

Steph said...

oh my how precious!!! And yes...Suzanne's School of Dance is great. I just teach Jada's class of 3 year olds, but the studio is truly a great place for little people to learn!