Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ruthie Claire, Naked, & Sunscreen

Ruthie is 9 months old today. Wow!!

She is pretty much eating everything that is put in front of her.

Ruthie has started feeding herself.

Here's the little doll enjoying some raw milk cheese and bananas.

and her chubby hands....

I love all of my girls' mouths. They've all managed to come out with the same lips.

"Kramer girl lips."

Isn't this mouth just too much??

I had a loser mom moment a few days ago. You know, the kind of moment when you literally want to call CPS on yourself......

You've probably never had a moment like that.

A few days ago I was outside working in the yard.

Kaylyn and Laney Rae had came in the house to play while Ruthie was in her room taking a nap.

I had the monitor on in the house and about every 10 minutes or so I'd open the door to see if I could hear the baby. I did this numerous times.

About the last 3 times of peaking in, I had noticed that Laney Rae was awfully quiet. I decided to take off my rubber boots and go look for her in the house.

I walked in and towards the back of the house where the girls' bedrooms are. When I arrived to the hallway I heard the most adorable giggling from Laney Rae and Ruthie.

My first thought was,"How sweet. Their having a sweet sister moment."

But, my second thought was,"OH DEAR. Laney Rae alone with the baby is NEVER a good thing."

I turned the corner into Ruthie's room. My second thought came full circle at that moment.

Ruthie had been stripped NAKED and Laney Rae was sitting in her crib with her. They were both smiling at one another and having a big time!

"Laney Rae, why is Ruthie naked?" I asked my 2 year old calmly who was beaming with pride.

"Diaper and clothes wet momma," she explained back to me.

"Oh, her diaper leaked and you were trying to change her diaper?"

"Yeah," in her cave woman laugh. If you know Rae Rae, you know what I'm talking about.

At this point, I'm taking everything in and trying not to overreact or burst into laughter. After all, it was my fault.

I notice that Laney Rae had gotten out an old package of newborn diapers, opened them, and had them scattered in the crib with them.

I also noticed that Ruthie had a mohawk with some sort of goo textured and flowery fragrance in her hair.

Upon further investigation, I found out that Laney Rae had rubbed sunscreen all over Ruthie's head- Laney Rae had taken it upon herself to also put "lotion" on the baby while she was changing her.

At least it was "organic" sunscreen, right??

Laney Rae helped me give Ruthie a bath. I helped her finish changing Ruthie's diaper....wink, wink.


Heather said...

That is hilarious! It could have been so much worse! You are NOT a loser mom! I was hoping for a picture of this event! :) Hope you had a great birthday!

Kayla said...

That is too funny! However that was so sweet of laney rae to help her sister out and get her a clean diaper! I agree with heather you are not a loser mom! Just think Laney rae has just provided you with a precious memory! Love you

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Oh my goodness, that is so funny! One of those do I laugh or do I cry moments!

Blessings, Grace

Kirby said...

Love this! If you are a loser mom then I think we ALL are and CPS would be loaded up with even MORE kids!

mandi said...

oh- you are killing me with this post! rae rae- such a sweet big sissy. i just love that she took all of that initiative!

and you're right- your little girl's mouths are so sweet!

Heather said...

I've read your blog for awhile now and this is one of the funniest posts you've ever had! SERIOUSLY hilarious! The sunscreen reminds me of my son's brush with vaseline. Here's the link if you want the whole story:

A Journey For Life said...

Definitely not a loser mom! You are an amazing mom and this is a cute and hilarious story! It will be great to share with the girls when there older!

Missy Robinson said...

I could just hear laney rae saying "yeah!" to you... so funny.
hugs to the babies.

Anonymous said...

oh how precious your sweet girls are to take care of each other...they have a great role model of a mom to pattern proud to be you all's grandma & to all

Kelly said...

ok we don't have the internet yet, so i have to read all your posts bi-weekly and feel like i've missed out on your hilarious life... your puppy is so cute, i die everytime i look at the picture, your girls are so funny and helpful and i love it. i'm mildly obsessed with wreaths right now, and want to make a wall of wreaths. i hope your shredding is going well! have a good weeek lady!

Anonymous said...

Too, too funny!