Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day: In pictures

It actually snowed here on Tuesday. You would never know that by looks of things today, but it did indeed snow.

The best part about it was that the snow decided to stick around for a bit.

Craziness fell from the sky in the biggest bunches of snowflakes that these parts have seen.

The snow beginnings.....

A reason to celebrate

In the midst...that is our farm store in the background and an excited 5 year old in the foreground.

Dudley was our only pig out and about.....the rest were nestled snuggly in the barn with their babies.

We had several hot chocolate breaks because, after all, it was SNOWING.

Laney Rae wasn't too thrilled with the snow. She wouldn't even pay me a glance at the camera. She woke up from her nap only to find that her surroundings were covered in "white tuff, momma."

We had some stick-to-yo-bones Potato Soup....for the recipe GO HERE to our farm website. This is a favorite around here as of late. I'm not promising it's low cal- raw butter, raw milk, and raw sour cream make this dish delish!


Ricci said...

Where do you guys get raw butter and sour cream? Does it all come from Stryklys?

Also, how long does your raw milk last? Josh doesn't really drink it at all unless he puts it on cereal, so I'd be the only one.


PS: We're LOVING our grass fed meat!

The Kramer Family said...

hey ricci!
so glad you are loving the meat:) awesome.

we get the sour cream and butter from Stryk's as well. Its delish and well worth it.

our milk typically lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

thank you!

the herzogs said...

lynsey, we just stopped by stryk's today because we were coming back from san antonio and we went through all 3 gallons we got from y'all last week in 1 week! we picked up more milk and also some butter and sour cream, i might totally have to make this soup! we have loved your eggs, too!! travis and i could drink a gallon of that milk every day i think :-) thanks for all y'all are doing!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!