Monday, November 12, 2007

Andy G. and Almost There

We are in the final week of remodeling. This whole process has taught me more than I could possibly even touch on in this post. I would definitely have some snoozers on that one.

I am grateful, humbled, exhausted, and still trying to learn patience. What is it about myself that makes me lose self control during the 'patience exams'? I flunk every time. I am sick of flunking.

There has been a lot done in the kitchen over the last few weeks. Here is a glimpse of the new paint job to the cabinets and the island in the center. The rest of the house just needs the finishing touches (oh, and countertops) and we are moving in.

So what does all of this have to do with Andy Griffith? Nothing.

But, I would like to share a newly acquired love of Kaylyn's.

It is no mystery that my husband is old fashioned......for a 27 year old. At least once a day, he daydreams of living life in the pioneer days. This is where I usually say 'Peace Out'.

He has a strong love for the Andy Griffith show. LOVE. He watches it on t.v. and laughs hysterically at the hillbilly jokes that Andy G. throws down. He also has this phenomenon on CD so that he can listen to it in the car.

We have been driving 'his' (formerly 'hers' circa high school) car around because gas is redonkulous for us diesel drivers. Our non-green friendly Excursion is non-wallet friendly right now. Which is another reason why my genius husband is researching how to make his own diesel!

We have been driving his car around instead. With his car comes the Andy G. CD. It is a package deal. Kaylyn not only loves listening to ole' Andy now, she is requesting him the minute she gets in the car. She asks 'Dada, turn on Andy please.' How funny is that? Jason beams from ear to ear every time she asks. Oh, the glow of a proud father. Our DVD player in the Excursion has NOTHING on Andy. She is a different child in the car. She is actually quiet, calm, and attentive.

I wish they had Andy G. reading bible verses for Cubbies. Or Andy G. and 'Everything you need to know before you get to kindergarten' on CD. That would be terrific. I would have a genius on my hands. For sure.


Judy said...

Guess what Lyns!! They DO have a Bible Study based on the Andy Griffith show....well, based on the Bible but they use the show to teach a Bible study!

It's called the Mayberry Bible Study and you buy it at Lifeway. Crazy huh?! Go to:

This will make Jason's day.
Love ya,

Landreneau Family said...

Hi Lynsey!

I've outted myself on your blog before back when you wrote about the pressure cooker...

Anywho, check out this site for info on diesel

The company is owned by my husband's step-cousins. They have had tremendous success with it. They drive diesel Mercedes' on this stuff!


The Kramer Family said...


Wow and wow! You just brought all kinds of good to our lives.

I will relay the diesel site to my hubby. That really is incredible.

Judy, I'm thinking you just gave me a great Christmas present idea! Sweet!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

The Andy Griffith Show not so much, but his old comedy routines are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

lynsey're almost there...job well done...keep your head up...looks Super!!! can't wait for the countertops...yep! good ole' andy griffith...can't help but start whistling the tune when you say his know it's one of your dad's alltime favorites..he's got all of them we'll just sit pop's,dadda', amd KK down to a bunch of them and let them laugh their pea-pickin' hearts' out...well i'll mom

BHG & Co. said...


I am not sure if that is how that should be spelled, but that's how it sounds in my head.

I must go now... I have the sudden urge to whistle.

Anonymous said...

Two very pretty grandaughters(hope I spelled that right)I have.OOPS I mean three.