Friday, November 30, 2007

Blogger's Block

I haven’t posted in weeks and yet I find myself not even knowing what to post about. I guess I feel the need to give my readers (all 4 of them…..thanks mom☺) something.

But, I got nothing. I think it would be referred to as blogger’s block.

By the way, I predict that in a few years the word ‘blog’ will be recognized by whomever adds words to dictionaries so that it no longer flashes bright red at me every single time I type the word ‘blog’. See there is goes again…

My uber cool Mac spell checks everything you type whether it is on your personal e-mail account or blogging comments. Everything! See, Mac owners really aren’t a group of elitist geniuses like many perceive them to be. They just have spell check on EVERY SINGLE thing that they type to make you think that they are in the smarty pants category. Sorry Mac users. The secrets out!

Is ‘blog’ an acronym for something? What does it even mean? Come on smart people, help a sista’ out. Remember, I’m not smart. I just have a Mac. Oh, that’s good. That should be the new Mac slogan.

Speaking of inventing slogans, today I invented a new phrase. It goes like this…..


Instead of saying ‘heck no’ you could say ‘heck to tha naw’. It makes it seam less harsh this way for some reason and is super fun to say! You should give it a try.

I’ve got to have a little ghetto in the Yonder Way terminology.

Well, there you have it. Blogger’s block gone bad.

Jason and I had a conversation the other day about the stats of our blog. They are dwindling before our very eyes. I think it is partly to do with the fact that this blog is titled ‘Yonder Way Farm’ and yet I fill it with non-farm related things. So maybe our former readers were confused and couldn’t deal with it.

The other reason could be because of this very post. I go weeks without a post and still…..nothing. Just a long post about nothing. Pathetic.

As a result of this conversation, Jason is now venturing into the world of blogging and starting his own blog filled with farm facts. Isn’t that EXCITING!!! The things he is going to bring to the blogging world wouldn’t have the same effect coming from me. He is immersed in the farm daily toiling along with his hands and hard work. I can’t wait. It will be filled tons of neat info and give you a better glimpse into the vision of Yonder Way Farm. Stay tuned for more info on that.


D.O. said...

1. Blog is a shortened from of "web log" which makes sense, a place people can keep a log (diaries, journals, whatever) of things on the web.

2. Just last night on Scrubs Turk said, "heck to the no"... but he didn't say heck. It actually sounds much better the way he said it, but I think this is a G rated [we]blog.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Are you kidding me?

This happened to me with flavored water too! I totally invented it in my head and then- BAM!

Two weeks after that, I saw it on the shelf in a grocery store.

I've never even seen an entire episode of Scrubs let alone last night. My alibi- praise team practice.

Well, at least I invented the g-rated version of this phrase. Thanks for ALWAYS setting me straight D.O.


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Leave it to D.O. to know what it means.

Maybe you're make up things you see others doing.

You could rename your blog Seinfeld and have it a blog about nothing!!!!

I like your blog...both farming and non farming posts.

Rachel said...

Not only to Mac users have spell check everywhere, but if you use Firefox, you get it on any web browsing, too! I didn't realize how many words I misspelled until this little update came along.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post!! So random...i could just hear your voice saying what I was reading! I cant wait to see Jason's blog.
I guess I may need to invest in a Mac, I am a horrible speller!
Love you!

Anonymous said...


I read your Blog. That has to make it at least 5 :-).

Love keeping up with what is happening, just do not always comment.

Love you all.

Jason's Dad

Anonymous said...

who cares for the correct spelling...we all just like to keep up with yonder way will be great reading what jay-bob has to say about it all...hope and pray that you get your new house finished by this week...just let me know when you need my muscle for the big you mom

Jennifer Bacak said...

My blog stats have been dwindling too, so maybe blogging is down in general at this time of year. At least we can tell ourselves that.
Your blog is awesome. Don't change it one big.
Heck-to-the-naw...I just can't get that anywhere else!