Friday, November 9, 2007

I love my girls.....

We have had some fun things happening around here.

My girls are so much fun. I can't tell you how many times we laugh throughout the day at something silly or outrageous. I have a blast being their mommy.

Kaylyn was a Cheerleader for Halloween. Excuse me. She was a 'Brenham Cub Cheerleader'. That is what she told everyone on the night of Halloween. She wasn't just any old (or young with great legs) cheerleader. Now, I'm well aware that she had on waaaayy to much make-up that night and looked like a pageant child. But, I figured that all of these other kiddos will be walking around with blood and guts hanging from their face, why not throw on a little make-up for the fun of it.

We Kramers have taken a liking to going to the Brenham football games on Friday night. We have the best time. Jason and I sit and watch the Cubs win their victories and our blond-haired bombshell watches intently as the cheerleaders do their stunts and cheers. By the end of the game, the entire section around us is usually glued to Kaylyn watching her every move as she mimics the cheerleader's.

It is insanely funny.

Her serious. Her precious non-coordination.....all over the place. And do girls just know how to shake what their mommas gave them automatically???? I know I've never shaken my hind end in front of her. I save those moments for my club outings.......sike!

Brenham has a Brenham store that actually sells these miniature cheer leading uniforms. Kaylyn wears hers to the games which makes the cheerleader reenactment much more hilarious.

Laney Rae wore a poodle skirt. It was so sweet because Kaylyn wore this her first Halloween. I'm all about recycling.

Kaylyn's friend, Reese, was a cheerleader also. They were so precious.

We also had crazy hair night in Awana's a few weeks back. Kaylyn talked about this night for many weeks. She would come and find me out of the blue and start talking about what her hair would look like and the color it would be. And then she would giggle and laugh at herself after she unveiled her creation through words.

We came up with this style. She didn't want it to be too crazy that it didn't make any sense. She does do the 'not making sense' styles very well. But, she did opt for a 'fairy princess' style. Her color of choice was purple. This is only because they were out of pink.

Kaylyn also has a kitty named 'Dolly'. This is pretty much the best cat ever. She lets Kaylyn throw her in her stroller, feed her pretend bottles, and put clothes on her. She sits still through all of this.

Side note: We have 3 kittens if anyone is interested! They make great snake and mice ninjas.

Insert picture of Laney Rae here.....Coming Soon!

Laney Rae is sitting up! All by herself. It took her a little longer than it did Kaylyn, but I attribute that to her lovely rolls that I'm crazy about. But, as far as food goes, she is eating all sorts of things and definitely not behind in that area. Today she had stew, yesterday spaghetti, and the other night Jason took us girls out on a date to a fine diner called, Cici's Pizza. Laney Rae had all sorts of things there.

As I was doing laundry today, I realized something. I almost ALWAYS have one load of pink clothes. I don't purposely sort them into this pile because they are pink. My sorting goes a little bit like this.

-Darks (blacks, navy, red, green, etc)

It just usually ends up that my 'lights' pile is mostly PINK! I love my pink pile of clothes.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard things like 'girls are harder to raise than boys are' or 'girls are so difficult' or 'I want only boys, my whole life, ever' or or how about 'I'm so thankful I don't have girls these days' or 'girls are drama queens'. My all-time favorite has to be 'girls are mean-spirited'. Really???

People mean well when they say these things....I suppose if you can mean well saying something like that as my 3 year old diva has a hissy fit over the shoes I chose for her to wear that day. Actually, what do people even mean when they say things like this to a mother of two girls?

I'm not here to plead my case on why I think girls are better/easier to raise than boys.

While I do believe that girls have a little bit (or a lot in some cases) of drama, I don't know if these statements are 100% accurate. I think there could be difficult things about each of them. One thing I do know with certainty is that girls are emotional. However, I think this could be a beautiful thing if disciplined correctly. I believe it is how the Lord designed us to be as women, as wives, and as mothers. It is what separates us from men......that and their ridiculous strength abilities.

Don't get me started here. Guys are just stronger than girls.....period. I would not want to leave it up to fellow firefighter woman to pull my firefighter husband out of a burning building if something should happen to him. It just wouldn't happen. That's another show folks.

I think it is the 'emotional' part of girls that scares people. The Lord has been teaching me a lot about raising girls lately. Especially in a world like today where so much is focused outwardly instead of inwardly.

I look forward to the day that my girls can call me their friend instead of just their mom. The tender moments of conversations on the phone about 'girl stuff', the annual shopping trips, baking Christmas dishes in the kitchen together, seeing them become mommies and helping them nurse their babies for the first time make me glad that we share the common bond of being women together.

I do hope that one day the Lord blesses us with a son. Jason needs a burly boy running around here as his little sidekick. Hopefully, one day that will happen. If not, I will still be thankful for my girls.

I wouldn't trade the pink pile of laundry for anything in the world.

p.s. There is an amazing family that I love keeping up with. It is pastor C.J. Mahaney's wife and daughters. They have four girls all grown up with families of their own and one boy. The mom and daughters have a blog called GIRL TALK.


Anonymous said...

beautifully said...GOD truly has blessed me over and over with my 2 girl' just gets better when you get older like me and see how both of you have became great mothers'...and yes i do always look forward to times we cook, share giggles, talk about my precious grand-girls', and yes you are one of my best friends'...enjoy each minute with those precious girls' because they will grow up before you know it...just as you have on me...and i'm sure some day God will bless you with that special baby boy for jay-bob...and that will be an eye opener for him and another great blessing from our LORD... and you know i'll take any kind of grandbaby...all are great for you more and more each proud of you and your still my baby

Garratts said...

Great post, Lyns.

First I must apologize to you because I am sure I have been one of those people that has said something like that before. I am sure because I have both, 1 girl and 2 boys. So I am sorry.

Every child, no matter what they are, are a gift from our God. Who are we to say one is better than the other as far as raising children go.

There are so many great things about each of them. God gives us all boys or all girls or even a mix for a reason. He knows what he is doing. We shouldn't doubt that.

Your girls are beautiful, precious creatures made specifically for you and Jason by God.

What a blessing it is to watch you guys mold them into the little girls, teeneagers, then women that they will become.

We love you and your GIRLS!

P.S. if Jason needs a boy, he can always borrow Bryce for the day. He would love a day on the farm.

The Kramer Family said...

You are so funny. I don't remember you ever saying anything about girls.

Why would you when you have one the cutest ones, too!

All of this is well said from a mommy of people who are from venus and mars!

Love ya,

Hendrick Family said...

I love your girls too and am so proud of how you and Jason are raising them. I love how my cute nieces are learning that female emotions are beautiful things, something so valuable, but only when expressed the way God intended.

Keep having girls. Besides, Ashton informed us all the other day at dinner that he was marrying KK. I told him that he would need to start considering adoption right now then. He was fine with that.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Such sweet and precious girls.

I am so glad that I get to have my "little girl fix" with KK in Cubbies.

Enjoy them...little boys love to make every possible discusting noise with their bodies and think it is hysterical and they throw hot wheels at the ceiling fan (they only do that once!!!)

The Kramer Family said...

Mom- you are so precious to me too! I love you so much and am so thankful for your friendship and your unconditional sacrificial love. Thanks for teaching me how to love without conditions. Keep teaching me! I have so far to go!

Heather- KK said the exact same thing about Ashton. Except she wanted to marry Ashton and Hayden. I told her that was wrong on SOOOOO many different levels. The first being that you can't have two husbands and the second being that they are flesh and blood. She just kind of look at me funny and walked away. I think she is still thinking about it!

Kathryn- KK loves you guys so much back there. I'm so thankful for each of you. She was a little apprehensive about this 'new' thing called Awanas, but you have won a spot in her heart. She loves it! Oh, and I laughed out loud at your boys throwing hotwheels at the fan! Hilarious!