Thursday, February 7, 2008

Annie revamped

It seems as though Kaylyn and I both have a thing for musicals. We love them around here.

I remember when I was a little girl and the first time I watched The Sound of Music. My mom knew that I loved musicals so she rented it for us to watch together. I was reluctant at first because I thought the movie was a bit dated and old just by glancing at the VHS cover. After that initial time of watching The Sound of Music, I've been a big fan of it ever since. That is still by far my favorite musical followed by Hairspray (old and new) as a close second.

I bought Annie to add to our musical collection. Along with watching the movies, Kaylyn likes to dress up like the characters and act out what they are doing in the movie. How precious!

Jason and I like to watch Kaylyn watch movies. She is one animated girl.

Today Kaylyn came up with this costume as her rendition of Annie. I think she did amazing putting this costume together. She wanted an apron on over a dress, a sweater over the dress, and some boots with tall socks sticking out of the top. Her hair also needed to be in a bun because Annie has that bun/ponytail thingy sticking out of the back of her head. What is that anyways?

Here is Kaylyn as Annie.......
Pretty genius isn't it?

Oh, and here is a pretty funny story that is KK and farm related.

Jason and I were talking about the idea of someday letting our girls be in charge of the pigs and chickens as their main chore when they get a little older.

Of course, if you had the chickens to tend to that would mean collecting the eggs, feeding them twice a day, and making sure they got put up at night in the proper coops.

If you were in charge of the pigs, you would have to brave the chaotic squeals during feeding time, feed them at night, and probably get your toes stepped on by a 500+ pound pig (literally).

We asked Kaylyn while we were talking,"Do you like the chickens or the pigs better?"

She sat there and thought for a moment. You could see the wheels turning in her head. Then it was like a light bulb flashed on.

"I like the goats," she said answering to neither one of her choices.

Jason and I immediately started laughing hysterically.

The goats are probably the easiest animals on the farm. You don't have to do anything with them. They feed themselves, they go in at night, they are calm and quiet (which was probably the biggest deciding factor for her), and are pretty much low maintenance self-helping animals.

She strategically thought about that one. I must admit. She is a little freaked out by the pigs and chickens. Meal time for them is a farm fiasco.

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Judy said...

Ok, that is just precious! KK has an eye for fashion Lyns. So cute.

I too am a musical lover!! For Christmas, I always asked for VHS videos of famous musicals when I was growing up.
Love ya!

Hendrick Family said...

She's so cute!

I may have to borrow this movie from you. I've requested it from blockbuster online, but it's not available and hasn't been for a long time! You didn't get yours from blockbuster, did ya? Ha!

I'm going to FORCE my sons to watch this movie with me. They aren't as excited about it as Kaylyn would be...but I think everyone should be able to say they have seen Annie...even if they are boys. I'm not anticipating them dressing up like her, but I bet they will like the movie more than they are acting like they will. Boys!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I don't blame KK, I am a little freaked out by pigs and chickens too.

I can't wait to tell her in Cubbies how much she looked like Annie.

The Sound of Music is one of my all time favorites!!!

mimi h said...

Okay Lynsey, you gotta know you're living out my childhood! Or your children are. I have 3 sisters and we had to do the dishes every night so we sang songs from Sound of Music to make it go faster. Plus we had all the animals on the farm, my brother had the chickens and I had to help him clean the eggs before we sold them--yep, half vinegar half water and wipe each egg, whether there was poop or not. And the pigs WERE scarey--they were as big as we were (as kids) and they wanted their food! But the babies were so cute and we could pick them up--when you turn them upside down they squeal, turn them right side up and they quit! And the grownup pigs loved to have their backs scratched.
I'm re-living my childhood through your blog-your kids will grow up with great memories (and they will see things that are part of nature and become no big deal to them)but may shock their friends!
Mimi H

Anonymous said...

what can you say about our adorable kaylyn grace..her mind is always going and thinking about how she can act like this one or that one..i always loved you girls' and all your friends putting on shows for us standing on the fireplace..enjoy her now all you can..cause' they grow up too quick...and oh what a adorable happy baby laney rae em' love em' love em' you and j-bob too...grandma

homemoma said...

that is so adorable. i love musicals but i have a son who could not care less. he did like wizard of oz.