Tuesday, February 26, 2008

one of our favorite things

I didn't even notice that Farmer Jason was on fire in the background in this one.

Our family appreciates a good fire underneath the stars. It is one of our favorite things to do together.

We often find ourselves sitting around the pit Jason and I built together. The pit turned out much better and larger than I expected. But, when it comes to fire, my husband doesn't skimp.

KK usually won't sit still long enough to enjoy the fire, but Jason and I sure enjoy sitting by the fire and talking about life. Fun times!

Jason taking a photo of his masterpiece.

Monday night, we had some fun visitors accompany us in our fire endeavors. Our nephews and Heather are here visiting us. We are having a blast!

....The Crew....

No Photoshop involved. Jason really lifted and moved fire. He is cool like that!

I love this man!


Kramer said...

Thanks babe, you take some amazing pictures. I love you too and can't imagine ever living this life without you.

QuiltedSimple said...

Can I say I love KK's pictures? She is just so sweet!! Love the fire pit too - we too enjoy sitting around a fire when the weather is right (not now, too dang cold, but in the fall we will be back out there). Gotta love our firefighters (and somehow, they always have a fascination with playing with the fires they start, don't they?).


D.O. said...

1. I would not fight Jason

2. It's things like these that confirm in my mind that your kids are going to grow up way cooler than I did.

Anonymous said...

you both did a great job on the fire pit...at 1st the thought was it "might" be a little "big"...but for all of your family and friends to enjoy with you guys it seems just right to me...so enjoy it..we all sure do...yep...so proud of both of you...GOD is awesome and it show's how both are giving HIM the glory for all he has given to us...thank you GOD...and GOD bless the kramer's...love mom

shauna maness said...

yay, MORE YONDERWAY! i was so excited to see what one of your favorite thing is!! i LOVE it!! what a cool pit!! i want one of those!! you guys will have to show me and brandon how to do that... and can you tell us how to get through it without killing each other?? last time i was building a table... he came to "help" and we ended up screaming at each other in our yard!! it was funny... really funny that poor wes and kelly had to witness the whole thing!~! we need some kramer coaching!!! love you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like FUN! I too can sit and look at a fire for hours. Wonder where Jason gets that from.

We will have to come visit soon and catch up on all that you guys have gotten done.

Love you all.

Js Dad

Hendrick Family said...

We loved the fire! So fun. Thanks for letting us hang out on the farm this week.


QuiltedSimple said...

Spring huh??? I so envy you!!! I'm a warm person - and am happiest when it is 80's and 90's and sunny.

I brought the essential oils - the soap and fabric softner is being made this weekend - the patchouli smells awesome. Can't wait to see how they clean - hopefully we'll get rid of all the static from the cold/dry air.