Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Farm Ramblings

I went outside today to do some stuff and stumbled across these lovely blossoms. They give me much hope that Spring really is right around the corner. For all of you northern folk who read this.......so sorry! This isn't meant arouse jealousy within you.

Texas is very blessed to have shorter winters and longer growing seasons. I guess it is a trade off because we will never get to see the sight of beautiful snow falling (and sticking).

We planted a small late winter garden a few weeks back. Jason also planted some yummy fruit trees. I don't think we will have any fruit this year, but in the years to come we should have a good variety of them.

......Peachtree Blossoms......

Every time we go to the grocery store we find ourselves saying,"We can't wait to have our own insert veggie." Or,"We should grow our own insert veggie." That was mostly the reason for the late winter garden. Hopefully it will do well and we will have cabbage, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and a few other things before it gets too hot.
......our garden......
Our spring and summer garden is going to be huge and hopefully great! Stay tuned for more information on that and how you can get your hands on some farm fresh veggies and have your family come and help out a little on the farm too.

Jason is working at the fire station today and has entrusted me with the cows. He started rotating them once a day to get them on our pastures and eating the good rye grasses that are coming up. My dad came for moral support and helped me move them the other day. So, for the first time today I moved the herd all by myself.

It went pretty smoothly. Jason has everything set up for me in the next paddock over. All that I do is move the water hose, disengage the wire fence so I can touch it, drop the fence line so that the cows can come through, and hook the fence back up. I've been very fortunate to never have been shocked by the fence. I think I would cry!

It freaks me out just a little when about 30 cows run at me full speed in order to be the first person in line at the all-you-can-eat rye grass buffet.

If you look at this picture, you can see the grass that the cows have eaten down in the foreground and the green grass that needs to be eaten in the background. This was taken before I moved them.

That is all the farm ramblings for now.


Kramer said...


You are a woman of many talents. Thank you for keeping up the fort when I am gone. Its funny because I would think you would be calling me with lots of questions, but in reality, I am the one who won't leave you alone. Sorry about that. You have my full confidence. Super Woman. We need to get you a shirt for when I am gone. Love you girls.


Sarah Shalley said...

sooooooo precious! i'm PROUD of you, farm girl. everything looks beautiful. i am SO COMING TO VISIT during spring break...consider this my rsvp. love you!

Sarah Shalley said...

Hey, what kind of little camera does Jason have? I need a NORMAL person camera. :) THANKS!

The Kramer Family said...

Hey Sarah!

Jason and his camera aren't here at the moment, but I'm pretty sure it is a SANYO point and shoot. It is from Walmart and is around $100. There aren't very many features on it, but it seems to do the trick for him.

I like the Canon point and shoots a lot, but I know you are a Nikon girl. It stinks our cameras have to be so big and bulky.

I'm counting on you coming to see us soon!

love ya!

Judy said...

Moving cows....you ARE a superwoman! I was always scared of feeding our cows when I was growing up in the country.

What a blessing you are to your hubbie, Lyns! I bet when you got married you had no idea that "moving cows" would be part of your Proverbs 31 identity! :)


Aldape family said...

You go girl! I knew you had it in you.
Who knew pictures of lettuce could be so beautiful. You are so talented. We can't wait to come out to the farm this weekend. Maybe I can hit you up to take some 6 month pictures of my baby girl! Love you lots!

the groves said...

i just had to tell you...your pictures amaze me. you are so good!

i know i have told you that many times but as i was looking at these pictures i just kept thinking how amazing you are and i wanted to tell you!

texasmcvays said...

When was that lettuce planted? Was it from seed or plant?

Was that picture of the peach tree your tree or a web find. My peach is not blooming and I fertiled that sucker a while ago.

I am getting farm envy! lols

Except for the cows...When Parker was a baby our family went on a hay ride and they gave you hay to feed the cows. You know me, I love everything country, but, that cow stuck out the most disgusting, distrubing thing out of his mouth (his tounge) and got cow spit all over me. I jumped up left Wayne with Peyton & Parker and stood on the hay to ensure it could not slime me again.

But you go country girl!

Much Love,
Country girl in training!

The Kramer Family said...


You totally crack me up! We need to hang out soon.

The lettuce was actually from plant. We waited so late that Jason went to a local nursery and got those. They still weren't this big and have came a long way in a short time. I have two words for ya girlfriend........ mushroom compost!

The blossom pictures are from our peach tree that we planted a few weeks back. The pictures were taken this week though. The tree itself is still pretty spindly looking though. I was just excited to see flowers! Ha!

See ya!

texasmcvays said...

I've got one bud! But the rest are budding, I think. My lettuce is are less than an inch in height! I may lift your pix to do a skilled farmer / city girl comparison. lols...We are having great fun learning how to set up a homestead!!! Blessings, Kyle

Kirby said...

Lyns, you can just do it all...can't you!?! I keep checking back waiting for that goat to be born! You are amazing...amazing farmer's wife, amazing photographer, amazing friend!

Can't wait for our day at the farm, next week!

Mark and Tracy said...

I enjoyed browsing your website and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tracy and I am 33 (on 2/21), I am a mother of 5, we home school, and we are a christian family. We live in Burton on 14 acres, just a few miles from Brenham. We started raising chickens and guineas in the summer of last year. We are currently trying to sale ( forsale or best offer) our small operation due to fencing issues. We currently have 15 laying hens producing approximately 9-14 eggs daily, 3 roosters (2 are bantams), and 3 guineas. If you know of anyone who may be interested please let us know. Once we find homes for the chickens I hope to plant a vegetable garden. Your website pictures and stories really ministered to me. Thanks for sharing,
Tracy Hutchins