Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!

Happy Birthday KK!

Yesterday was our Kaylyn's birthday party with our family. She was so excited about the party that she woke up at the insane hour of 6:30 am. That is early for her. She usually sleeps until 8 am.

But, the I'm sure she couldn't sleep with all of the excitement running through her heart. She leaped out of bed and ran straight to the mirror to look at herself.

"Look mommy!" screaming with happiness. "I AM bigger!!!!" It was so precious to witness.

My baby is FOUR today!


You are a joy to us. We are so thankful for you. You have such a sweet heart that we know the Lord will continue to grow up into something even more beautiful. We are blessed that the Lord has chosen us to parent such a special little girl. It is music to my heart for you to ask me to read His word to you and hear your childlike prayers. What sincerity, desire, and faith you have already. I pray that only increases and strengthens as you get older.

We love you so much!
Daddy, Mommy, & Laney Rae


Grace said...

What a precious little girl! Happy Birthday, Kaylyn!

QuiltedSimple said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLYN!!!! I'm sure you will have many more wonderful birthdays ahead - you are such a wonderful little girl.


Judy said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! You are beautiful inside and out! :)

Hendrick Family said...

We love you sweet birthday girl!

"Unca" Aaron, Honey and all the cousins

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday KK.

It was sooooooo wonderful seeing you last night and getting to be there to celebrate your B/day.

Love you bunches........


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kaylyn Grace Kramer!You are such a wonderfully made precious gift from GOD to us..Grandma is so thankful that JESUS has brought me such a sweet, precious granddaughter like you...GOD bless you on your 4th birthday and with many more to grandma, pops, & pa-pa

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!!

I love hearing you say your verses in Cubbies. You are such a sweet girl.

Ms. Kathryn

theBirkenfelds said...

Happy Birthday KK!

We love you! :)


Brandi said...

Oh wow! our jonas turned 4 on the 21st. i hadn't realized they were so close in age. it sounds kind of big, doesn't it?

BHG & Co. said...

Happy Birthday Kaylyn,

Sorry this is a little late, but I love you and hope you had a wonderful party!

When are you coming to my house again, I had fun with you at the pot luck?


Anonymous said...

Let me get you naked and take you to bed, don't swell , don't tell, and happy as hell