Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yonder Way Baby Day!

Things have been pretty busy around the farm this morning!

We are up to a total of 13+ babies.

One of our hens hatched 12 chicks and we have two more out in another coop setting on some that are hatching as you are reading this. So, the count will increase as the day goes by.

But, the incredibly exciting thing is Yonder Way had its first kid this morning!

I went out to do morning chores and saw all of the goats up to their usual mischief. Two of them have been looking like they were going to bust at any moment but we had no idea when they were due since our goats roam freely.

Jason came and got me just a few moments ago. He was out doing the noon feeding rounds and noticed one of our goats was not with her friend. This is really unlike her. He saw her walking towards their house off by herself. Jason went over to check on her and saw this precious little girl.

Her name is 'Bib'. This stands for 'born in Brenham'. Apparently it means a lot around here is you are a 'bib' or a 'bob' which stands for 'born out of Brenham'. So, we opted to name her 'Bib'. I guess we are bonafied Brenham folk because we can now say that we have a kid from Brenham. Ha!

Here are some more pictures of the little ones that made their debut today around here!

I included this photo for my amazing nephews. They took home some eggs and an incubator a few weeks back and they hatched chicks at their house for a homeschool project! These are two of the four sunbathing under a heat lamp together. The other two are doing great also!

This is our official brooder house where all of the chicks live. Tomorrow we expect a delivery of 300 (!!!!!) that is right, 300, newly hatched chicks so this place will be full of them tomorrow. I'm sure I will have some story to tell as the day progresses.

We sure did pick a jim dandy of a day to get a shipment of 300 chicks. Actually it wasn't our choice what day we got them. They were supposed to be here last week, but it got delayed.

Tomorrow my wonderful hubby volunteered to watch the girls all day so I can go to Round Top with some friends. So he will have my two chicks along with 300 others to keep him busy. Have no fear! I will be up and going at 6:30 am with him when the post office calls him to come and pick them up. I don't know why they are making us come early before they open. It's not like 300 chicks in boxes are a big loud deal or anything! Ha, ha!

We have to dip all of their beaks in water and feed them (I think is the plan) when we get them in the morning. So I will be around for that excitement!

Stay tuned for pictures of that crazy business tomorrow!


QuiltedSimple said...

You sure are having an exciting couple of days!!! The chicks and the kid are adorable. It never gets old, does it?

I'm glad this kid is doing well - she is a cutie!

Have a good time tomorrow in Round Top!!

Mimi said...

Your "home" farm is so wonderful. What a blessing to rear your girls there, plus they are so blessed to have you and Jason for their parents! 300 chickies is a lot of chickies! Their home is super, with the hanging heater lamps, feed trays, and waterers around, not to mention the shavings. They have it good! Remember which hen was the broody hen that hatched so many babies--not all hens are good broody hens--you'll be able to put eggs under her and she'll hatch them when needed! I can hardly wait for pics of the chicks. Your pig photos awhile back, of them running, looked like Bay Watch Pigs, instead of bikinis on a beach, it's pigs on a farm! Bay Watch Pigs running with glee!mimi

Sarah Shalley said...

Sooooooo jealous you are going to Round Top tomorrow. My Mom is going on Thursday, but I'll be with Shauna. :) Holy Cuteness! I want that kid in my backyard. Really, your life is TOO MUCH for me. Hahhaaha. I'm laughing about ya'll having to pick chicks up at the Post Office. What a package. Enjoy the day! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Spring time at yonder way farm...isn't the LORD amazing...last year at this time you birthed a "kid" (laney rae)...precious, oh yes she is..now GOD is showing his mighty hand at work with your farm animals...and the beauty of all the flowers blooming, j-bob's grass, clover and other natural feed for your animals growing..oh, how blessed we are in how HE has provided all this for us on earth...thanks for sharing with all us "city" folk..you make us feel we are right there with you sister...ready for more of your"great" photos...you can throw in a few shots of all the kids' (kk,laney rae) just kiddin'...great work..be praying for you tommorrow...love mom

Connie said...

O.k. this is too much for me! Two things on my "Things I want to do before I die" list are #1 watch a baby chick hatch out of its egg and #2 hold a brand new baby goat.

I am so jealous right now.

Now I feel sort of like I need to go get a mo-hawk or something b/c I just realized how lame the above sentence really sounded.

Enjoy the new life at Yonder Way Farm!

Angela said...

These are the cutest pictures I have ever seen- I want a farm! I will have to live through you! Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

That kid is precious!!

Like I just want to drive up there and take him from you.

He can stay in our "cute" guest bedroom-to-be! :)


BHG & Co. said...

cute kid! ha!

seriously... "a kid born in Brenham" that was something I'd say. (you can decide if that's a compliment or not)

Fun to see all the new life over Yonder.


spanki said...

i just found your site and love it! how entertaining!! i have seen you on shauna's blog, (i'm from madisonville too) and now i have seen you on heidi's blog - what a small world!! well, i have to say, i just love your pictures, you are great! i just recently took a salsa class from shauna and hope to understand how my camera works one of these days! until then, i will just enjoy looking @ your great pics!

Carrie said...

Did you find anything good at Round Up? I'm going to Canton soon. Have you been there and did you like it?