Wednesday, April 30, 2008

She might not be walkin'..........

but this ponytail does all of the talkin'!

Laney Rae is 13 months today. And although I think she still has a while before she is walking, she can wear a ponytail! For my two girls, that is a huge accomplishment since they are mostly bald their first two years of life.

Laney Rae has been taking steps here and there, but crawling seems a lot more convenient to her and a lot less work. I've heard it takes bigger babies a little longer to walk. We'll see.

I love her squishiness! That is my favorite thing about her. My other favorite thing about her is that she bounces to any beat or song. The girl has rhythm!

Laney Rae also says 'hi' and waves 5 million times a day. I love it!

She loves animals and they seem to love her back. 'Rowdy' has taken on the role as her protector. Whenever she is outside, he is right there with her.

She is precious. At first, I thought it was just me who instantly started laughing with just one look at her. But, it is pretty much everyone in her life or any ole' random person at the grocery store. She is a JOY!

I remember when she was in my belly praying that she would be a joy for all to be around. The Lord heard my prayers because this little girl is full of giggles and has plenty of things to giggle about.


QuiltedSimple said...

Look at those smiles (and those rolls on her thighs)!!!! What a darling - she is truly a joyful blessing for you!!!


Sarah Shalley said...

love that chunky girl. she's adorable. the new do is precious. it's a big girl hairdo. :)

Anonymous said...

cute-cute-cute...grandma love's that ponytail...each time i see her lately it seems her hair is thickening and know, i thought i saw a little curl yesterday..GOD love that little chunky monkey..her bouncing to the music, smiling and giggley moves just makes you want to squeeze that laney grandma

sugarcreekfarm said...

Must. Squeeze. Thighs.

Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby girl!

Grace said...

She is cuter than cute, and a nice pony-tail to boot! Gotta love that!

theBirkenfelds said...

I absolutely adore this baby, and like you said-- I cannot look at her without a huge smile appearing on my face!


Heidi said...

That's it. I think she'll have to marry Leif in 24 years. :)

I just want to squish her, LOL! What a cutie.

The Montalbos said...

So cute.

Love the 'do!!

And the thighs!!!!

Hendrick Family said...

I love that baby!! I need to squeeze her soon.


Angela said...

These are the cutest pics I have ever seen-

Kirby said...

She is just precious, Lyns! Looking at these pics makes me smile!