Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love these photos.....

1/400 at f 5.6, ISO 200

I've been sorting through photos on my computer which is never an easy task. I still haven't developed a foolproof system for my almost 25,000 photos I have accumulated! It is an overwhelming and daunting task even for an organizing junkie like myself.

I found this series of photos and wanted to share with you in keeping with the spirit of online scrap booking and journaling our family's happenings.

I snapped these a few weeks ago while Kaylyn was helping (shirtless- it was HOT!) Jason build shade coverings for our chickens out in the pasture. Kaylyn truly has the gift of help. Whatever we are doing, she wants to be a part of and contribute to in some way.

1/250 at f 5.6, ISO 200

1/250 at f 5.6, ISO 200

1/200 sec at f 7.1 (to get good depth of field), ISO 200

All Photos: Canon 20D, Tamron 28-75mm f 2.8, no flash used, edited in LR


mandi said...

those are beautiful! i love the one of her looking up at her daddy!
she reminds me of dylin- always shirtless (sounds classier than 'topless'!)
: )

The Rose Fam said...

Lynsey ~ I absolutely love visiting your little part of the world! I found you through mutual friends! I've been hooked ever since! I am very interested in being on your email list giving more info about your new store!
Thanks and Good Luck!

Hendrick Family said...

Do I get to order the pictures I want of my cute family?

I want one of KK on the blue couch.

I want one of her looking at Jason when she's shirtless.

I want one of the rolly poley Laney Rae on the school table.

If you keep posting so many cute pictures, my list is going to get very long!


Anonymous said...

great job again my precious daughter...all of these are priceless...the one of kaylyn looking up at her daddy is a tear jerker for me...i'm sure j-bob's eyes swelled up also seeing how kaylyn's love for her daddy is just beaming out thru her eyes'...good luck on the organizing...got some boxes i'll loan ya'...yep' just down load all on cd's and just pass them around to us(heather & me for sure) and we can take them to print copies somewhere of the ones we want...better find me a 100 dollar bill for all the ones i'll want...love you mom..gramdma

The Kramer Family said...

Oh, I would like to add that KK looked up at her daddy all on her own and required no 'coaching'. She is precious with him. Right this moment they are sprawled out on the couch watching old 'Popeye' cartoons together.

QuiltedSimple said...

How cute! I love the one of her looking up at Jason - that is adorable. What a cutie!

Jessica said...

I love your photography everytime!! Sometime I'd love to come spend a day on the farm and learn a thing or two from you!

D.O. said...

So I think I'd love to talk to you about organizing your photos (because I too am fairly obsessed with organization).

I organize my chronologically, which is pretty good, but I wish (and I don't know who would have the time to do this) I also tagged them. That way I could still have them chronologically, but I could also just click a button and find all the "family" pictures or "sunset" pictures... you know.

And you run a Mac right? I don't love how iPhoto does its organizing. I do, however, LOVE Adobe Bridge.

There's the short-hand version of my thoughts on organizing photos on your local machine.


texasmcvays said...

I love how she is looking at Jason with such admiration...so heart warming!

spanki said...

oh goodness, your pics are great!! i am so glad that you put the info under them! that is REALLY going to help me! it was so good to meet you and very interesting to hear how your business is going! that is really neat! i love reading your blog, you lead a very interesting life and your family is beautiful! you are going on my blog roll!! thanks for the comments! i will be back!!