Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When it comes to food.....

this is our heart's cry.

I recently discovered a movie that came out in June. Unfortunately there isn't anywhere near us that is playing this movie. You will have to travel to either Austin or DFW to view it- of course!

However, I would love to purchase this when it comes out on DVD and have a viewing party on the farm.

How cool would that be to watch this movie with cows "mooing", chickens "clucking", and pigs "rooting" in the background? I can smell the organic non-GMO popcorn popping right this minute. Oh man- and a big screen right up against the barn with viewers sitting below on quilts.

I encourage everyone to watch this trailor and browse around the website. And if you happen to be fortunate enough to live nearby a movie theater showing this movie, go see it!

Something pretty precious occurred as Kaylyn and I were watching the trailer for the first time. Towards the end, the trailer shows images of "good farming practices" in which you see animals all on pasture- the way that it should be.

KK said outloud as they were showing these farms,"Hey, momma. That's our farm." This proud momma beemed with delight!

Of course I'm pretty sure it was Joel Salatin's farm (since he was the one doing the talking), but still. She recognized what our farm- a real farm- looks like.

The movie is call Food, Inc. They have an incredible website with a wonderful blog filled with lots of good information. The more awareness we can bring around eating locally and supporting farmers around you, the better off our economy will be. I fully believe that. On top of boosting our locally economies, there is no comparison to eating meats raised solely on pasture when it comes to health benefits and humane issues.

I could open up a entire can of worms on eating locally and supporting local farmers. But, I will save that for another post.

But, for now, I'll leave you with one last thought. One thing we, as the consumer, must understand is this (a quote from the movie).

"When we run an item past the super market scanner, we're voting. For local or not. Organic or not."

I've tried for about 2 hours (with lots of interruptions of course) to post the trailer right here on this blog.....but, I've not been successful.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go over and watch the trailer and let me know what you think.

If it doesn't pop up here......CLICK HERE FOR THE FOOD INC. WEBSITE!!


Haley said...

I'll be at your viewing party! Bring on the popcorn!

Anonymous said...

Its showing in Houston at Angelika Theatre& Cafe on Texas Ave.


mandi said...

wow! that quote is so true.

i vote for a movie night at the farm. that would be really powerful!

sidenote: today we stopped off at a restaurant on our way home from schlitterbahn. dylin had some grilled chicken. she leaned over and whispered to me: "this chicken isn't as good as the chicken from kk's farm". she left the rest un-eaten. i was pretty proud!

Carrie said...

Thanks. I had plans to go to the movie but ended up I couldn't. But I love the site. Great resource.

The Kramer Family said...

Ok, first off....I have no idea why there is a bear in this video. This is completely the wrong video. Don't know what quite happened there.

I bet you all think I'm a looney. If you want to go see the trailer, click on the link.


Steven said...

You can get "Fresh The Movie" already if you want to have a movie viewing soon. That is another movie that Salatin was involved in. The DVD is for sale on polyface farm's website.

The Farmers Wife said...

I viewed this last night in Three Oaks Michigan... we also have a farm designed after Joe S -- all of our food is Natural - grass fed no GMO's or nitrates. The movie is incredible and reinforces why we do what we do!!! I highly recommend it to everyone. I get sad when I think about it --- but I am happy that I have seen the truth.