Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm pretty sure that my photography blog has fallen to the wayside. I haven't been doing much photographing lately other than my usual- cows, pigs, chickens, and not to mention the two-legged blond critters that live in my house.

But, I had to share these with you. This week I had an engagement photo shoot (my fav) with a super sweet couple. Its a blessing, really, that they've asked me to be a part of such a special day to this family. We adore this family in every sense of the word so its no surprise that we had an absolute ball tromping around downtown Brenham and the bride-to-be's parent's farm (Tara Farms).

Sidenote: If you ever need a getaway to the Brenham area or live in the Brenham area and still need to getaway, Tara Farms is an absolute masterpiece. I'm taken away every time I visit them. Oh, and they have the most adorable B & B cottage in town too! Go check it out!

Speaking of Tara Farms, that will be where their wedding takes place. How excited am I???? Way!

I give you some of my favs from Nathan & Paige's engagements! These cats know how to dress and work it. They were so fun to photograph! I loved every minute of it. You can ask them. I think I said "Cute" 5 million times during the session!

Thanks y'all for being such troopers and awesome to work with!


skfathauer14 said...

Aw you are SO talented! And they are so cute!!!!!! Love it!!

Paige said...

LOVE them!!! You might have said cute 5 million times but I am going to say you are amazing 5 million times...because you are!!!

Tara Farms said...

Thanks Lyns--you did such a wonderful job! What a blessing you and your sweet family have been to us! After seeing the engagement pictures we can't wait to see what the bridal and wedding pictures will turn out like. God has given you an amazing talent! Thanks also for the B & B plug!

mandi said...

what great pictures! they are super cute!

liz said...

these are beautiful!
and i couldn't believe you mentioned Tara Farms because I found their new B&B in town online a few weeks ago and booked it for Robbie and I to go stay one night during Roundtop.
such a small world!
i can't wait to stay there...the B&B on their farm looks nice too, but we wanted to stay in town.
anyway, hope you're well!
just catching up on your blog:)