Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kaylyn's new found {LoVe}

Kaylyn has fallen in love with sewing.

I've started sewing things recently with a newly purchased machine and she has asked questions here and there.

But, after a visit to a sweet friends house and seeing her little girl sew, Kaylyn was inspired. We (Kaylyn and I) often leave these friend's house inspired in some way. Always. We came home that day and she HAD to sew something or she was going to bust.

So, we first decided what her very first project would be.

Kaylyn dreams big and jumps in with both feet so she went straight to sewing a skirt for her very first project.

Kaylyn also happens to be very good at figuring stuff out and trouble shooting so she went and got a skirt that she liked and traced it onto fabric twice- because you would need two pieces to sew them together to make a skirt. She totally figured that part out on her own. I sort of sat back and let her do her thing until she needed my help or needed to ask a question.

When we got to the sewing part, I was a little worried about how I was going to teach this precious girl how to sew. She didn't know her mama was NOT an expert seamstress and had practically sewn two things by hand and about a dozen on a machine.

I decided to learn with Kaylyn and will continue to learn with her as we both can learn and grow in the area of sewing for sure. We worked on the "whipstitch" technique and she picked it right up. She whipstitched the mess out of that skirt and had a beautiful creation when she was all done.

I don't have a picture of her skirt because she gave it away as a gift to a friend.

But, she did notice a hole in our pillow a few days ago.

She brought the pillow to me and said,"Mama, would you like for me to sew this hole up for you??"

How sweet! She went and got out her sewing stuff and did an excellent job. The pillow has its guts all sewn up.

I would LOVE to get THIS sewing kit for her from Land of Nod. I'm a huge fan of all things Land of Nod and this sewing kit happens to be pretty much adorable:)

Here are some photos.


Gwynie Pie said...

So sweet. I love how you are just encouraging her and letting her go with it. She'll probably catch the "sewing bug" and from there it's a big world of out there. I have adult friends all the time who tell me they want to learn to sew. Go Kaylyn !!

Hendrick Family said...

Look at her go! I love it!

KK...will you sew Honey a skirt?


Steph said...

AH!...I love this post! What a fun thing to do and learn together! And I am SO impressed that she gave her skirt away! What a sweet girl! We should have a sewing party around here soon! I've been talking about this since I moved here! Well now we have to...for the kids and all. :)

We always leave that friend's house inspired too. We're so thankful for those guys!

Sarah Shalley said...

Can she give me lessons? I know NOTHING about sewing...wish I had that nack! So impressed.

Anonymous said...

How sweet and precious and what a cute sewing kit!


Anonymous said...

1 Sew It Goes and also a There's No Business Like Sew Business on its way. Probably 5 to 7 days.

Hope KK enjoys them.

Love G-Pa and GiGi

Anonymous said...

Just checked the website- Lynsey you are anatural when it comes to sewing --I remember the pillows yo seewed for Tanners bed -- Aunt's also enjoy th eLand of Nod-- and Christmas presents from there- just a hint!!
Love Aunt Terri