Friday, September 18, 2009

{tHrIfTy FiNds}

I've been slowly changing out the decor in my kitchen and re-doing the accessories.

I'm wanting to go for a more mod country look instead of a retro country look. The color scheme I'm aiming for is green, white, black, and browns- very earthy and clean looking.

Since I tend to have this desire to want to re-do things around my home often, I'm all about thrifty finds.

MOPS in Brenham had a garage sale last weekend and I hit the jackpot! I even found a few gifts for people. I love a cute gift for $3!!!

There was a box full of old kitchen gadgets that were green and metal.

In the photo below, the white flower pot is filled with the cute gadgets that I purchased. I also got those biscuit cutters and metal measuring cups.

I had the jars and metal tray already so I re-purposed all of this to go with my new look.

I also purchased these metal measuring scoops and this white little pot below.

Here are the photos of my shelves by my sink that I have redone. I had all of this around the house except the apple topiaries ($5 at TJ Max) and frames.

I still need fabric for valances above the windows so if you have any cute ideas, send them my way! I don't know if I should go with brown, black, white or green.

My sister sent a blog my way last week that you should go check out! I love her style over at The Old Painted Cottage. This was my inspiration for my kitchen. A lot of our bones are the same. Her kitchen is beyond beautiful.

I have my computer back at my house, so I'm going to be posting regularly again!


The Old Painted Cottage said...

So glad to be a source of inspiration. Your kitchen is adorable!


Gwynie Pie said...

WOW you hit the jackpot at the garage sale. I love the green handled accessories. Love that shade of green. Your kitchen is wonderful.

The Old Painted Cottage is a place I hang out a lot. Isn't everything there just breath-taking? It's eye candy. I just eat it up. :)

I too am re-doing my kitchen/dining room and living room. I have my family's reunion here next Sat. and I am scrambling to get it all painted and decorated for Fall. I'm covering up lobster red walls with creamy vanilla and it's about to do me in --- coat after coat after coat. I'll post pictures next week. Love for you to come visit me.

@ The Pink Tractor

southerninspiration said...

Looks perfect....and I love the green and silver vintage pieces!! I would go with green and white for valances.....


Mommy, M.D. said...

looks great lynsey! i love that color scheme.

for valances, hmm. simple green linen? or recycled material, like feed sacks, with some green on them? or brown and cream ticking stripe is always cute. or vintage dishtowels can be very cute as a kitchen curtain; i'll bet you could find a white cloth with green embroidery. or stamp a simple motif in green on white linen. keep the hardware modern for the look you want; maybe steel cables?

Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting again! I love the new look and what good finds.


mandi said...

oh my goodness- i am behind on your posts.

look at kk!!! way to go!

and your kitchen looks great! even better in person. i love how you did all the little 'stations' on the silver trays. oh! and you need to post the pic of your potatoes- that is my favorite part!