Wednesday, September 2, 2009


That's what we do most days around here. And most days its twice a day.

Yonder Way Farm has a saltwater pool and man is it great! There is nothing like a dip in the pool after a hard days work in the Texas heat!

Just this summer, Kaylyn has practically turned into a fish. Before the summer began (and the pool was here) she was afraid to go under the water.

By the end of summer, Kaylyn is swimming completely across the pool unassisted.

I beat myself up because I was a loser mom this summer and didn't sign her up for swim lessons. I thought she might be ready for them. But, then I instantly cut myself some slack when I realized I had a baby on May 22nd- the first day of summer!

And she was indeed ready to branch out into the world of swimming this summer. I'm so proud of her!

Speaking of Kaylyn....we've had a good bit of laughs over her obsession with goggles this summer. She will not swim without them. We've went through a few pair this summer because she has worn the straps out.

We decided early on this summer that Kaylyn looked like the old man in the Six Flags commercial that dances like a crazy loon. I happen to love that old man....who I've been told is in fact either a famous celebrity man or a regular young woman who happens to have mad dancing skills.

Before you think I'm scarring her for life, we've discussed this with her and she actually laughs with us about it. Especially after I showed her who this character was. Kaylyn has a brilliant sense of humor. I love that about her:).

You be the judge.

Beautiful Kaylyn

Old Guy

Beautiful Kaylyn again:)

Laney Rae is just as fun in the pool as she is out of it! We pretty much duck tape a life jacket or arm floaties on her and let her go at it.

Do legs get any cuter than this????

Ruthie isn't much into swimming yet. She loves laying outside by the pool on a towel and listen to her sisters play and splash in the water.

Oh, and we love us some Blue Bell by the pool. Hey, it's LOCAL right?????

Here are some more pics of my girls swimming.


skfathauer14 said...

Ok, so those pictures made me melt! They are SO darling. I love the one of Rae Rae kissing Ruthie on the arm... Precious girls!!

QuiltedSimple said...

How wonderful!!! Tyler too wears goggles all the time. And the pics of the girls - how sweet!

Paige said...

Can I come live with ya'll?? Swimming all day is so much more fun than school!! haha See you Saturday for bridals!

Nathan said K.K. is such a little poser!! Too cute!!

The Williams Family said...

Jalyn won't swim w/o goggles either and he has to have them adjusted just right b/f he'll do his running and jumping in....dont' you LOVE having a pool?!?! Such a great splurge that makes great family time.

Steph said...'ve got some beauties on your hands!

Great pics!

Aldape family said...

I love those girls! ....Amazing how even your snap shots look like professional pics...oh wait you are a get my drift! ...Love the pool and love it that we get to enjoy it a lot with y'all!
Kayla ( Tia )

Brandi Tejeda said...


1. beautiful girls
2. beautiful chubby rolls on those legs! I could squish them!
3. When did yall get such a cool pool?
4. when can I come swim? haha!

Ok so your girls are way too cute. And I am seriously loving on Laney Rae's legs. My avah has stick legs so yeah I love that chub!!!

mandi said...

so when are we coming back for more swimming???

love those shots of the girls all together- so sweet!

Shabby Mama said...

I love the very first one (i love them all) but it just captures each one of them..LR looks so darlin (she just cracks me up..isnt she going to be the cutest mommy in about 30 years!) and ruthie with her "kind eyes..they are all unique and precious..,i see bits of you in all of them

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness!!
just beautiful - all three!!
Wish I could be there everyday to swim with ya'll!!
Love to All!
Aunt Terri

Kirby said...

love these, Lyns! They are all so beautiful!

And...we REALLY love this pool!

Missy Robinson said...

I love your girls. they are so pretty. and I do love laney rae's legs.
KK looks like a model with her hair down in the pic by the pool...
watch out dad!

Jennifer Bacak said...

It's ridiculous how long it's been sinced I've seen you, because all your girls look so big.
Miss you guys!