Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Smile

I can't even really articulate what all is stirring in my heart right now- good things, hard things, truth things.

But, I know that when I look at these pics, I just smile.

I'm so glad that I was able to capture this smile on camera. I heard her doing this while she was playing in her room so I peaked around the corner quickly with my camera to snap it.

Ruthie has this smile that cracks me up. I make a big huge deal and cheer with laughter each time that she does it. She doesn't smile like this all of the time. Just to be silly every once in a while.

Ruthie closes her eyes tightly "squinched" together, pants out of her nose in a repetitious pattern, and opens her mouth to reveal her mouth full of teeth- all of which are at different lengths right now.

Jason and I are hoping she maintains this smile throughout the teen years.

An unsuspecting teenage boy might decide to ask her out on a date (over her daddy's dead body) because he thinks Ruthie is cute.

Ruthie thinks a moment and then flashes this smile back at him.

The boy runs away shocked that this beauty can contort her face to such odd proportions.

Date avoided. Mommy and Daddy are relieved.

See??? Win win.

And this baby head.....sigh.

I wanted to remember what her sweet little head looks like for years to come.

I want to smell that head and press my cheek up against it.

She has a precious head.

I just love this little girl. She is oh so sweet.


Heather said...

I firmly believe that smile and smooshy nose is inherent in all baby girls! My daughter did it and I LOVED it!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

What a sweetie! Gotta love that smile!

Blessings, Grace

Anonymous said...

oh my, how precious is our ruthie claire..grandma loves that smile of hers'.how sweet that baby is..yes she will be 1 yr. old soon, can you believe that..enjoy the baby years' all you can...love grandma..

Brock & Megs Birkenfeld said...

Bah! That is the cutest little face ever!

Maybe she can teach it to Sawyer to ward of the boys too, eh?

Love y'all!!

Cottage Dreamers said...

Absolutely precious!
☺ Celeste