Saturday, March 20, 2010

Final Stretch

In a few short (or maybe long) days, Farmer Jason will be home from Brazil.

He has been gone 8 days thus far. This is by far the longest stretch of time that we’ve been apart.

Are you doing the math here?? 10 full days apart with only words on a computer screen exchanged between us. I’m such a wimp aren’t I??

I’ve sat down a few times to write a post (because I put imaginary pressure on myself to keep up with my silly little blog) since he has been gone. But, the only words I could muster up at the time were, “I miss him. I miss him. I miss him.”

We are finally on the downhill slide.

Things have went relatively smooth since he has been gone- aside from a full day of sickness from all THREE girls.

As I sit here, I feel overwhelmingly blessed by incredible family I am surrounded by and dear friends.

I can’t wait to sit and talk with Jason about what the Lord has done in his heart. Or where his feet took him on this journey. I want to hear about the lives that his hands touched or the words the Lord spoke through him.

I can’t help but- a part of me- feel as if I’ve missed out on this experience with him. But, I’m so thankful that he got to GO. I truly am.

Honestly, the Lord has done amazing things in my heart while he has been gone too. It’s almost as if I’ve had my own little missionary trip right in my home.

I sent Farmer Jason with specific instructions to take lots and lots of good pictures. I will be posting some of those here when he gets back along with a summary of his mission trip. Their mission area was the slums or “favelas” of Sau Paulo, Brazil. The people they went to share the hope of Christ with were the families and children in these areas. There is already an amazing group of Brazilian missionaries established and rooted here that they went to join their efforts.

Please pray as they make their way home and begin to process all that the Lord has done in and through them.

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