Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Abel & Sarah Katherine::::::e-session

I know I've said here before that I'm no longer "doing" the photography thing- or at least building and growing a photography business.

But, I could not pass up the opportunity to photograph and participate in such a sweet couple's special day. Here is a link to their sweet blog.

Sarah Katherine's family is super special to our family and go to church with us. And in the process of meeting and getting to know Abel, we cannot be more thrilled that the Lord has chosen to knit their hearts together.

They are beyond sweet to one another and already "get it". Sarah has such an amazing heart ready to serve and love her man. Abel's heart is to lovingly lead and guide his woman. The beauty of Christ shines in these two.

So, when they asked me to photograph their special day I said,"of course."

We headed to downtown Brenham for their engagement session and it didn't disappoint. Downtown Brenham is perfection to photograph in. I've shot there so many times, but each time we go exploring during a photo session, we discover a new spot.

Abel loves working on cars and has the mind of an engineer. So, I'm hoping that the shots with old cars and trucks look extra groovy in their home.

On a photography related note, I'm in LOVE with THIS lens. I've been renting it from THIS company and can't seem to part with it. has excellent customer service and make it super easy to get your hands on some of the most fab lenses around. I'm one that likes to try it before I buy it. I've been super impressed with them and highly recommend using them!

I shot this entire engagement session on this lens because I love it so much and its consistency is the bomb.

The majority of these images are SOOC (straight out of the camera). Who can beat that??

Here are some of my favs from my engagement session with Abel and Sarah Katherine. Enjoy!


Brandi Tejeda said...

Great pics girl! They are a beautiful couple.

So you like the 35? I cant decide what my next purchase will be...I like the 85 but Im thinking a 35 would come in handy for tight spots...

The Kramer Family said...

I love the sho. I've heard good things about the 85 too. I just went with the 35 mainly to get in tight spaces too. you know how confining some wedding can be...ha! no, seriously.

thanks girlie!

michelle said...

I actually have a question about your schoolroom post...I was wondering where you found the material for the windows and the oversized flashcards. (not sure what they are really called!) ;) I love reading your blog and your pictures are wonderful!!!

mandi said...

those are great!

Holly said...

these are sooo good..they are every detail.
Sarah K i want that necklace..where is it from girl? hand it over!;;;

Jennifer in Georgia said...

My husband is from Magnolia and went to school in Brenham. He likes to run over and view your posts when I'm flipping through! We moved away but he misses it. Even though the southern App's are beautiful, we'd like to take a trip home with the kids for those bluebonnets--and a visit for some BlueBell! Love your blog...

The Kramer Family said...

thanks everyone for the kind words!

Michelle, I believe that fabric is discontinued. I got that from my friend, Holly, in her fabric stash. Its is pretty precious. The flashcards are from Land of Nod and I believe they still carry those. Happy hunting!

Jennifer, thanks for the sweet words. I have a bluebonnet post coming right up:) haha!

Kimberly said...

absolutely beautiful shots! it's so wonderful to see young people starting out with a heart for the Lord first and foremost in their lives!! gives you hope for the next generation