Thursday, April 8, 2010

Around the house:::: Nap Time

There is something a bit magical about nap time.

The box fans booming.

All of the lights are turned off and blinds closed shut.

There is an unspoken need to walk on tip toes. Our floors in this old farmhouse creak anyways.

Today the oldest decided she needed a nap too. Triple bonus.

The coffee pot is brewing. The worship music is playing.

I've got a laundry situation just waiting to be tackled.

While they sleep, this momma will be conquering laundry. And it's no small task.

But, there is still a certain giddiness because it is nap time, after all.

As I look around at much work that needs to be done by yours truly, I am overcome with thankfulness for this life the Lord has chosen for me and take delight in the things He has laid out before me.


Anonymous said...

oh how precious in HIS site JESUS loves the little children of the sweet these pics are of my little granddaughters..thanks you GOD for all these gifts from YOU.. thank you my special daughter for being such a blessing to these are a gift from HIM mom

Missy Robinson said...

Girl... sweet cute little girls! Or, as blake would say, grills.
And fabulous job on sarah and abel... I would not have expected any less!!
Great job.
Miss you tons.

larra said...

how precious is it that they are all sleeping in the same position with their face buried in a blanket or pillow. Exactly how my boys sleep. my boys would be lost without their blankies. precious girls, lyns! love you!

mandi said...

sweet! i'm with you. motherhood is such a special gift.
and- i'm a bit jealous. nap time is ancient history 'round these parts.

Anonymous said...

How sweet and precious!


Kimberly said...

ackkkkk I had this same laundry situation this weekend and I don't even have 3 kids to blame it on LOLOL

Bekah said...

Love those little moments that make a mom smile!