Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bluebonnets:::::The Keepers

Because the post below is freaking me out on a whole new level, I now bring you, "the Keepers."

Score! I love this one of all three girls.

Little Miss Ruthie....

Minus Laney Rae....she wasn't feeling this at all.

My fun one!

And THIS is totally her smile and the way I think of her.

So sweet of these two!

Watch out Little House on the Prairie. Ha!

She has got this down!

And this!

And she is just herself. No matter what.

Ruthie sitting in a suitcase.

So sweet!


Hall Family said...

Lyns, your girls are precious, great photos and thanks for sharing!

Michelle J said...

Your babies are so beautiful! And needless to say, you are an amazing photographer. :) Thanks for sharing!

mandi said...

that one in the bloomers is SOOO precious! and your bloopers are hilarious! kk's faces kept me rolling. and your commentary on the victorian age - hahaha!!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the first one!

and Laney Rae's cheese in #5.

Fabulous, Lyns!!

Nicole Friedel said...

oh, i love it!!! great job, and the girls are absolutely precious! laney rae cracks me up!

goatpod2 said...

Nice pictures!


The Wells Family said...

you did such a great job with your girls! not "cheesy" bluebonnet pics at all!

Anonymous said...

oh, how sweet they are..couldn't ask for anything more precious than these pictures of my grandbabies... truly are a precious gift from our blessed we are...thank you JESUS for all you have given and are still given to to all mom, grandma

Cottage Dreamers said...

Too funny! I saw this yesterday and thought, hmmm...maybe I'll go back and read the comment section because I must have missed something. Then I HAD to google it to find out if it was for real and got so creeped out and depressed I finished of the cookie dough icecream while I watched my baby sleep (making sure she was still alive!) Today the whole thing just cracks me up!
Your girls are so cute (and alive!) and your keeper pictures are outstanding! It makes me think I need to take more pictures like these of my kids while they're little (and still alive, hee hee!)
☺ Celeste

Gail said...

Your girls are so adorable! It's been awhile since I've seen bluebonnets, too. Boo.


Claire Elise said...


Your girls are beatutiful! Love the pics!

Kirby said...

I love these pics, Lyns! You came out with SO many good ones! And, to think all you wanted was a morbid Victorian-like pic! I am still laughing!