Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A snapshot of my day

The girls and I loaded up in the "farm buggy" and drove around for a bit today.

As we were driving around, I was taken aback by the glitter, cheetah print, and PINK!

I snapped this photo to remember this season of life.

Little girlie feet out and about on an adventure. Oh how I love those little feet!

And this photo serves as a reminder to never ever ask my girls to say "CHEESE" to capture a photo. It just doesn't work in these parts.


Jana said...

That's so funny! At our house it would be all blue and camo.

Anonymous said...

Cute! My 23 month old nephew has been around his 5 year-old sister too much since he has been caught with a Princess tiara, a pink feathered boa, a purple headband with a big purple flower, he just recently got one of his toe nails painted pink and he has worn his sister's princess pink crocs. But now we got him a boyish colored boa and he plays with boyish toys and wears boyish clothes though.


mandi said...

Welcome back!

love my Kramer girls and all the pink.

BTW- I didn't get nearly enough Ruthie time the other night. Your post on her piggie broke my heart. I can just see it all playing out in my mind. Poor little thing...

Cottage Dreamers said...

I'm so glad you're back! It sounds like you've got a lot going on and congratulations on baby #4! I hope and pray her delivery is safe and as gentle as possible.
☺ Celeste

Megan said...

I am LOVING all of these updates!! Almost as much as I love your sweet fam!