Saturday, January 22, 2011

nEsTiNg::::: the big girls' room

With the arrival of our 4th girl in just 9 days, you better believe I've been nesting like crazy.

Living on a farm, I realize that nesting is just a normal part of life for humans and animals alike.

Something happens when a woman is expecting a baby- whether in the womb or through adoption.

We fluff our nests, clean like crazy, re-organize, craft, paint, and find ourselves tackling projects we've put off for months all because a little one is about to grace us with their presence.

One of many projects we've tackled is converting Kaylyn's room into a room for her and Laney Rae to share. They were sharing her full bed, but let's just say that one of these girls sleeps a little on the crazy side (bet you can't guess which one) so two twin beds were in order.

My sister found the perfect twin beds at a gigantic antique sale for a bargain. We painted them a watermelon pink to match all of the pillows and linens that my friend and designer, Holly, had given us for Kaylyn's original room.

The other two pieces of furniture that are new in the room, is the great pink shelf my friend, Robyn, purchased at a garage sale and the white double locker I picked up at Warrenton this past year.

And let me just mention the monkey on Laney Rae's bed. My friend, Kirby, made that for Laney Rae along with 7 other kiddos in our homeschool group. It has become a favorite of Laney Rae's and she sleeps with it every night. I'm so thankful that it happens to be adorable and sentimental.

Do I have some great friends and family or what? I love that there are so many things in this room that were given to us or found for a great price with this room in mind.

**side note: You should go check out each of the lady's blogs mentioned above. They don't disappoint when it comes to "all things cute". Promise.

The prints above their bed are from Sarah & Abraham that used to be in the schoolroom.

I've gabbed long enough.

Here are photos of the finished product of the girls room that they now share.

More nesting projects to follow.


Practically Ava said...

LOVE IT!!! super cute! The beds turned out so cute painted watermelon pink! I know these girls will makes some sweet memories sharing a room together. Sisters are such a special thing! .....speaking from experience! :) Love you sis! Cant wait to meet little Exie. I love being Tia to all of your precious girls!

Josh and Ricci said...

This rooms is super cute! I love the idea of siblings sharing rooms. My brother and I shared a room when we were still young (I was 6, him 5) but obviously once we got a little older that wasn't going to work out.


Love the bunting flags! Did you make them?

Grace said...

Totally cute! Love it! You did such a great job incorporating the old bedding too to fit two girls! The whole room is just beautiful!

Blessings, Grace

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see pictures of Exie.


Amy W.

Megan said...

It looks SO GOOD!!! I think I just need to come over and sit in your house to get some inspiration to finish Sawyer's "big girl" room. :)

The Farmers said... turned out soooo good! I can relate to everything you said about nesting. I'm in full blown nesting mode, kinda love it, kinda hate it.

Gail said...

Such a cute room! What little girl wouldn't just Love it?! Congrats on your upcoming arrival, too! I don't know what's in the water where you live with all the girl babies....but coming from 6 girls and 1boy myself I gotta's the best!

Happy nesting,


Hendrickcrew said...

You did not disappoint. My word. Love it. LOVE it.

This baby is coming so soon. So soon!!

Love you to the moon and back.

courtney said...! very girly and can stick with them for a long while.

mandi said...

I love that you went with watermelon pink. very cute!

HOWEVER- you were supposed to let me paint those for you! you are in big trouble lady!

Nicole said...

so adorable! your girl's room is great! my 3 litlle girls share a room and we wouldn't have it any other way :)
... so glad i stumbled upon your blog!

King Family said...

I love that room. You have the cutest stuff.