Monday, January 3, 2011

When a pig gets a bath.....

Ruthie has a stuffed pig that she is VERY fond of.

Actually, it's not just a stuffed pig. It's an "Aurora Lolly Gagz" pig to be exact per a phone conversation with the manufacturer of this pig.

This desperate momma phoned the company last week only to find out that they quit making this pig in 2009. Bummer- in a major way. The last purchase of this pig was by "Tuesday Morning".

Consider this a plea if you will.

If you see this pig, please buy one. Or better yet. Buy two. I will pay you back and pay the shipping.

This pig goes everywhere with her. When it's out of her sight, her radar goes off. She knows. He/she has no name other than "pig". It's easy for her to say.

She always insists that I give her pig a kiss goodnight too. There are times when I cringe and hold my breath in order to grant her request.

Sometimes, her pink pig turns into a brown-ish pig.

I think (actually pretty sure) I traumatized Ruthie today when her beloved pig got a bath today. After searching for near an hour, she found her pig like this.......

I decided to air dry the pig and let mother nature's sunshine do its disinfecting magic. But, little Miss Ruthie discovered that her beloved pig was literally being "hung out to dry" and she was not a happy girl.

As a matter of fact, this is as tame as it got......for almost an hour. She never left the porch.

So, as you can see. I'm desperate and dreading the day that our beloved pig is no more or lost or decapitated. I tremble at the thought. Our whole family shudders even thinking about this. We are all conditioned to perform a "pig check" when we get in our vehicle to go any place.

Who would have known that we should have scurried down to the local hospital gift shop and purchased everyone of these pigs because she would love it so?

Consider this alerting the masses....


Practically Ava said...

Poor Ruthie! Oh my goodness that face is pitiful. Hopefully someone will answer your plea and find a back up piggy. I have searched high and low to no avail.I mean it is like these little piggies dropped off the face of the that i have gotten to read your blog post 2 days in a row. Welcome back!
Love ya

Jennifer :) said...

I'm a bit of a blog-lurker, but I promise I'm not crazy! ;) I love your blog! You actually inspired me to use cloth diapers! :)

Anyway, I really tried to look online as well, but couldn't find the pig. :( I did find a bear that is the same brand, but I doubt that will do. I also found a different pig that looks a little similar, but again, kids are kids! :) Here are the links if you're interested at all:



Hope you find one! :)

The Kramer Family said...

thanks jennifer! that is so nice of you.

we actually found the "dog" version of this pig, but she threw it out of her crib for 2 weeks straight- even with the pig in her possession. she is so attached it's crazy!

that was really sweet of you to search for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynsey!!

SOOOOOOO glad to see you back blogging. Matt had a Macy's bear that I had to wash once when he was little. He sat by the washing machine the entire time and then tried to jump in as soon as it stopped. As I pulled out "Beary" there was horror...he had become decapitated during the wash cycle. The look on his face still makes me laugh. I sewed him back together with fishing line, he thought that was cool! All this to say I have taken Beary and put him in Matt's closet, he came home from college for the Christmas break and you would have thought he was 4 again. He came screaming out of his room holding Beary and kissing him...guess I better get him cleaned and vacuum packed for future little Matt's.

I hope you find the pig.

Love y'all!


Jennifer :) said...

No problem at all--just wish I could've found one! :)

Alice said...

You don't know me, but our family feasts on delicious meats from your farm. Anyhow, I saw this:

I don't know how credible the site is. Maybe you could call them or something.

My daughter is attached to this pink blanket that has a crochet edge that an ex-coworker of mine made for her. Help us all if something were ever to happen to that blanket because I have no idea how to crochet. I feel for you.

Nicole said...

oh that stinks! poor girl! i hope you find a pig... i'll keep an eye out for ya:)

sea salt MOSAIC said...

Hi! I just came across your site and saw your pig post. . .

just to give a try at helping, I did a search and immediately found another pig for your girl! There's even a "buy it now" option for you!

hope it's still there when you check!

sea salt MOSAIC said...

no problem! with 6 kiddos lovin on their various treasures here - I know how vital it is in life to have that backup! as far as the pig - to those not privy to your story - we had quite an adventure in france with a pig, so they'll probably think of that and not think it too beyond our chaos to see another mention in the comments about a "pig"!

my congratulations on your new little girl. . .

Meghan said...

I understand that! My daughter 2.5 has a "shake baby" one of those lovies that has a blanket body but a rabbit head (if that makes sense) that gets the SAME.WAY. We have started getting it clean by telling her its going to take a "bath"... which works best after its been dropped in the dirt or in a highly trafficked public place... she tends to do ok with it when I tell her its taking a bath, but I have to usually get it while she's sleeping or playing with another toy..there's no such thing as voluntary release! (and it went out of commission in 2008! I haven't been able to find a replica anywhere!!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about:

I was looking for the horse myself but there is no shipping to Scandinavia in most cases. Good luck I hope you find one.


Fri {Wedding Nouveau} said...

OMG...I'm practically hurting with laugher. My husband just sent me this link and entitled the email "We are not alone." We have a two year old daughter, who like yours, is extremely attached to her Dark brown Lolly Gagz Monkey. I think there's some sort of VOODOO in these gangly furballs, because she will NOT rest until she has it in her grasp. We learned this the hard way. The other night, she had wet the bed and her "Lolly" was caught in the monsoon...or so we'll call it. I made the decision to place lolly in the hamper after changing the sheets, and give it a bath the next day. BAD IDEA! Let's just say that after an unrelenting and very loud and lengthly bawling sessions, my husband relented and gave lolly a hand wash and rapid fire air dry at 2am, just so we could get some shut eye.

If anyone things there's juju or voodoo or any other "spell"doo in these lollygagz toys, say WORD!