Monday, March 21, 2011


If you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you'll see a sweet man who has served and loved his whole life. This is a man who would do anything for his family.

My friends, this is my grandfather. He is precious to me. I can't tell you how overcome with thankfulness I become when I think about my grandfather being a close part of my children's lives; as in, we seem him at least once if not twice a week. As an 80 something, he could put most 50 somethings to shame.

Papa is the rarest of gems in this world.

And oh does he love to sit and hold babies! That is what he loves best.

Ruthie thinks that our Papa is her best friend. There is nobody on earth that she prefers over her him.

If children spell LOVE, T-I-M-E then Papa's love seems endless. Time is his gift to us. He will sit for hours and read and play living in the moment. Nothing is more important than living in those moments to him. I've learned so much from watching Papa love and serve our family.

I want my girls to know how much they are loved by this man. Not many people in this world get to say that they know their great-grandparents. I'm grateful that our girls do. And as I sit here a grown (almost) woman with a family, there has never been a time in my life that my Papa's presence in my life has not been felt. And for that investment, there are no words.


Hendrick Family said...

Oh my gosh. This made me cry. He is the sweetest man. The sweetest.

I'm thinking you have lots of pictures of him holding each of the babies, since that's what he's always doing. They will be priceless to the girls one day.

I praise God with you over this man's life. What a gift.

Love you and love these pictures Lynsey. Your camera has missed you.


Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures! I miss my Grandpa so much, he's been gone for 5 years now from colon cancer. My other Grandpa is gone as well, it's been 4 years for him.


Anonymous said...

oh how blessed we "ALL" are to have "pa pa"(my daddy)in our family..oh how he loves his great grandgirls..that's what he gets up for every day and always asked if you or kayla needs him to watch over them..and boy howdy he can change a "mean" diaper with the best of us..thanks for all the sweet words..he loves ALL his family so are so precious lynsey and so are the rest of the kramer bunch(including j-bob) love mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!
It just melts your heart!!
We all have been truly blessed to have a man like him in our lives...
The love he has shown to all of us and given to me-one of his daughters. Just as he held me in his arms he has held all of his granchildren and great-grandchildren..
Thank You Lynsey for preserving this memory...
Aunt Terri

Sarah said...

What sweet pix. Our girls are very fortunate to have 3 sets of great grandparents and for that I am very thankful.

The Farmers said...

Love this. I remember when I fist met him and he had so much pride as he told me he was there to help you when Ruthie was born. He was so proud of his grandbabies and just as sweet as can be.

Julia Channing said...

oh Lynsey, this was so very sweet! I don't even know papa and it made me tear up...everyone needs a "papa" like that! Love and miss you girl!


mandi said...

Sweet. So, so sweet. I love this relationship that you have with your papa. And that your girl's get to have a relationship with him too.

Practically Ava said...

Thanks for making me cry a good cry today sis.....Oh how I love our sweet papa. These precious moments he has with our babies will be a memory that I will cherish forever! We are beyond blessed to not only have this man in our lives but in the lives of our children as well!
Love you
Love the new blog header!

renee said...

how wonderful! our kids don't have any great-grandparents near. i only have one living grandparent left...isn't that sad? i do remember many visits and sleep overs with grandparents!
you and your family are blessed! praying jesus keeps him around for many more years...

Jent said...

Love this post - immediatly made me think of my Grandpa who was one of my favorite people in the whole world, I miss him!

Just found your blog from Crystal Cattle! Can't wait to read more!